Just seen it on sky sports that halifax are on Live tomorrow night (Wednesday) that means JK will be on . I for one will be watchin and shoutin for him !!!.

Hope he has a great game and chelsea snap him up… we have a good sell on clause don’t we??? [smiley=cheezy.gif]

I was speaking to 2 Halifax fans at work yesterday who are goin Grays tonight,they said JK’s class, he’s just won the player of the month.

What do Albion fans reckon of JK’s performance the other night?<br><br>Myself personally, I thought he looked rather nervous at times especially in the first half when he came for high balls but didn’t get them.<br><br>In the second half he looked more assured even though he was beaten twice.<br>I’m very pleased that Halifax got through and hope they can go on and win in the final.<br><br>Would be nice to see JK playing league football, he deserves the chance.