Has been in talks with Mike Worthington.<br><br>Its between him and Dave Cooke. Although Mike Whitlow has been contacted about the vacancy.

Just to keep supporters informed, the Board met yesterday and drew up a short list who are going to be interviewed on Sunday, the only time we could all get together, there are 4 people we are seeing on Sunday.

You can take that as confirmation that my facts are correct then.

I also forgot to mention that ex Spalding Utd, Leeds Utd, Sheffield Wednesday and more recently Kettering Town Manager, Carl Shutt is in the race for the Managerial position.

Ihope not, Shutt was a joke at Kettering and we should steer well clear of him!

I’ve been talking to Mike Worthington this week too; does that put me in the running for the job???

Me too<br><br>I also met with other board members early this week to discusss the managerial situation, and will no doubt discuss it this weekend with them again. <br>Heaven forbid I be seen at the ground on Sunday when the interviews are taking place…<br>(no doubt sprucie will no also be tipped)<br>

Thats why MW was in the club shop on saturday to ask you to become manager Debbie but obviously wanted more time to think about it.

What about Phil Starbuck after leaving Leigh?

Phil Starbuck has walked out on Leigh RMI because his budget was cut - possibly a candidate?

dont foget my ten year plan. Champions league in ten years i promise. See my vision. Wed night. A sellout at San Siro for the champions league final. The mighty WITTON ALBION against lowly REAL MADRID. It all goes quiet and then big gaz shouts" ZIGGA ZAGGA ZIGGA ZAGGA ALBION" priceless. I can give you that vision. Give me the job MR worthington you know it makes sense.

Redandwhite you are not even close. In fact you are miles away

In a geographical or metaphysical sense?<br><br>Woah - its Eric Cantowna!

Phil Starbuck???<br><br>Dream on!!

Nothing ventured nothing gained.