Joke Time?

given the problems our neighbours seem to be having I thought this might cheer them up…<br>Not all my own material though so can’t really take much credit.<br><br>" I hear its going to be cold in Northwich tonight, -4 I was told"<br><br>"Does this points deduction now mean that the games against Forst Green etc are now relegation 10 pointers?"<br><br>Finally a quote from their manager:<br><br>"I have no regrets but I often think that, maybe, it was not the best decision I have ever made"<br>and another…<br>"here at Northwich, they have got used to losing"<br><br>To be fair we shouldn’t laugh - at time of going to press he has reached 11 games and is still in a job.<br>"Whats the diffeeence between Northwich and a triange?<br>A triange has 3 points"

Lets hope the brunt of your jokes don’t come back to haunt you!!<br><br>Remember…<br>‘He who laughs last… laughs longest’ <br><br>It seems some of your fellow supporters have it right on other posts on here… take heed from them.<br><br>Interesting to see who’s laughing in May 2005!

Christ I’ve only posted a few jokes!<br>Amazed we haven’t had the tea bag one to be fair.