I need your help to ensure I get nearly 500 Junior Membership Cards completed by Wednesday when we face Crewe in a friendly.

I already have the full details from Witton Junior FC, so I will be able to hand over these tickets to management on or before Wednesday, so if your sons/daughters play for Witton Albion Juniors, no problem, you are covered.

The people I need help from are the ones who do not play for Witton, covered as below –
UNDER 18’s FROM LAST SEASON. Due to your age, you are not a member of Witton Albion Juniors any more, and therefore will not qualify for an automatic free ticket. However, as last season was curtailed so soon due to Covid, we are giving you one last chance to request a free ticket for this coming season as a goodwill gesture. I need to know within 7 days if you are interested or not, otherwise I will assume you are off to Uni, apprenticeships etc, and do not require a ticket.

If your sons/daughters had a card last season, please send me a quick email on either juniors@wittonalbion.com or aljackson147@gmail.com with a YES and just names of the Junior Member/s, and I can process the tickets on last years information. Please provide any change to your email address or phone numbers for an emergency. Please note you do not have to supply your home address if you choose not to. Also, you could answer NO if you wish, then I can erase you from the database. You also have the choice to unsubscribe from these messages.
Please note it is not automatic that cards are renewed, so your help as above is needed to ensure we can be as efficient as possible.

If your son/daughter wants to apply for the first time, it is quite simple – all we need are the following
1 – Name of child/children you are applying for
2 – Parent/Guardian full name
3 – Address is optional
4 - Date and year of birth for child/children
5 – At least one phone/mobile number in case of emergency at the stadium
6 – An email address of parent/guardian to receive information etc from Witton Albion. Nb if your Junior/s are aged 16-18, they are allowed legally to contact direct with parental permission, but we need to know that in advance.
Once you have done that, it’s easy, we’ll do the rest.

To save substantial cost in posting out Membership Cards (500+) individually, we ask that you collect from the stadium on match days. You can get somebody else to collect on your behalf if you wish, or contact me if you have problems.
You will 99% find me running the snack bar to the right of the turnstiles when you enter. I’m quite happy for you to contact me with any questions or queries, or even your kids to talk Witton at the snack bar – I don’t bite (often!!!).
We look forward to seeing both adults and kids in good numbers when the season gets underway, so please help as requested, for the benefit of everyone.

Kind regards,

Alan Jackson

Witton Albion Football Club