'KitAid'collection at Witton Albion during October

[smiley=cheezy.gif]Some advance news of a special event which will be taking place at Wincham Park in during October, this being Witton Albion FC collecting old footy kits for the sports charity ‘KitAid’ (and thanks, in particular, to Graham Edgeley, Mark Harris and Neil Wilson amongst others for agreeing to help out in connection with the collection).<br><br>So what’s happening? <br><br>In summary, Witton Albion are going to be the very first team in the Unibond League to organise a collection for ‘KitAid’ and the Club are looking for supporters and folk in the Northwich and surrounding areas to donate unwanted kit, shirts or socks, which will then be handed over to ‘KitAid’, which is a sports charity that sends kit to underprivileged children in Africa, India, Eastern Europe and other developing countries.<br><br><br>Ex England international Lee Sharpe who has been helping ‘Kitaid’ distribute kits in South Africa recently.<br><br>What type of kit is wanted?<br><br>These unwanted old kits (shirts, shorts and socks) can be individual kits, Witton Albion, Manchester United, England, Scotland or whoever. They don?t just have to be old Albion jerseys. Perhaps they will be shorts and socks that don?t fit any more, or maybe they will be jerseys that have previous season?s sponsorship logos on them.<br><br>Alternatively they can be complete team kits, but it doesn?t matter if one or two have gone missing (and they certainly don’t have to be new kits) All that the folk at ‘KitAid’ ask is that the kits they get, for on-sending to the kids overseas, have been washed and are clean.<br><br>So who are KitAid?<br><br>?KitAid? is a small charity organised by Three Valleys Water plc water supply company employee Derrick Williams MBE which collects unwanted football kit which is then sent overseas to help children and adults across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. <br><br>Since 1998, KitAid has processed over 10,000 shirts and sent them to various third world countries. <br> <br>Which other clubs have helped out?<br><br>Other clubs that have helped out so far include Watford, Wycombe Wanderers, Cardiff City, Nuneaton Borough, Merthyr Tydfil and Liverpool. And now, of course, Witton Albion, who as mentioned above will be the very first club in the Unibond League to participate.<br><br>How can I help?<br><br>To help get this event up and running, (apart from donating old kits, of course!), we?d appreciate if Wittoners could spread the word amongst the local community.<br><br>And how can I actually donate kit?<br><br>Kit can be donated in the following ways:<br><br>1. Handing it in at the collection point at the club shop at Wincham Park at any Witton Albion FC first team home game during October (just bring it along in a polythene bag), starting with Saturday’s league game against Burscough, when ‘KitAid’ are the match-ball sponsors. After that, there’s the FA Trophy home game against Fleetwood on the 21st and maybe a couple of other home fixtures depending upon the FA Cup draw.<br><br>2. Or sending it by post to: KitAid (Witton Albion F.C.), c/o Three Valleys Water plc, P.O. Box 48, Bishops Rise, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. AL10 9HL.<br><br>Thanking you all in advance for your help and support with this event.<br><br>Peter Moulds<br> <br>

It’s good to see the club supporting initiatives like this. Well done to all involved.

  1. A great start to the ‘KitAid’ collection at Witton Albion F.C. at Saturday’s home game v Burscough, when over 150 items in total were handed in, including 57 jerseys, 42 shorts and 44 pairs of socks. (That’s roughly four bin bags full, which I’ve now got to get down to Hertfordshire!)<br><br>Thanks to everyone who contributed!<br><br>P.S. If you were intending to bring some unwanted kit along to the Burscough game, but have forgotten to do so, it?s not too late, you can bring it along to the WAFC club shop at next Saturday?s FA Cup game v Farsley Celtic, all donations will be greatly appreciated. And if you don’t have any kit to donate, have a word with Neil Wilson, he’s still got a small number of last season’s WAFC jerseys on sale for just a fiver, why not buy one of them, donate it to the collection, and thereby help both Witton Albion FC and ‘KitAid’ (!)<br><br>

:wink: For those of you who haven’t seen it, there was a brief write-up on KitAid and Witton Albion on page 2 of last weekend’s "Non League Paper on Sunday/Monday"…<br><br>Just click on the little picture to view…

:smiley: Final count was that over 200 items in total were handed in, this including 108 jerseys, 44 shorts and 44 pairs of socks, the remainder of was taken down to KitAid HQ in Hertfordshire last night.<br><br>Thanks again to everyone who contributed!<br><br><br>A previous ‘KitAid’ distribution