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There will not be an announcement about the new manager tomorrow as our intended target has decided to stay at the Club he is currently managing.<br><br>The Board will be meeting very soon and will be looking to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Heard that yesterday, after all the announcements the chairman had made! Cooke is set to get the job.

Am afraid you didn’t hear that yesterday, we only received a telephone call at 2.00pm today.<br><br>There are a lot of candidates for us to look at and NO individual is as yet in the frame. In fact no other person was interviewed other than the one we chose who has now decided not to join us.<br><br>

Well someone is not telling the truth- the Guardian says that MW has stated that there have been some preliminary interviews with a COUPLE of people! MW has clearly not planned for this major set-back.

Who was in line then? Is the assistant still coming who was inline? :o

Not exactly sure how you plan for such a set back but still, being a vics fan I’m sure your used to such set backs eh "wittoner"