League season extended

There will be a full round of fixtures on 4th May, which means the play off final should be on Saturday 11th May.

This is the date that the football tournament is due to be held at the ground, along with the beer festival.

Awful planning by the league :red

May 4th Witton v Rushall
Could be winners get play off place and losers miss out :-\

May as well consider having the Player of the Season awards after this match now instead of Apr 27th??

Could we change the football tournement to the sunday??

Did we ask for an extension in 05-06?

Really hope none of our players are due to be on holiday after the 4th may just in case.

This (poor) decision has thrown an absolutely massive spanner into the works of the planned Beer Festival and football tournament.

Unless it is moved back another week (not a clue if this is possible), there’s going to be a few very unhappy Wittoners who’ll potentially miss out on a piece of history.

Great decision :stop

Lets not get too carried away - I personally am not in favour of the extension - none the less for the impact it has on wages and players etc who may have holidays planned (and rightly so when the season is announced 10 months earlier).

At this stage though an issue only arises for the beer festival/tournament if we reach the final.

At this stage there are no plans to change anything as forms posters and adverts etc have all been published.

When there is a bridge to cross, we’ll cross it.

At least i get to catch the last home game of the season now… :whistle:

And we are all looking forward to seeing you as will the pharmacy. Another overlooked point of the northwest coast extension that has been overlooked is the off season will now be cut by 2 weeks as the 2013/14 season starts early with there being a world cup. Think it’s over reaction on the beer festival as isn’t it over 3 days as normal?

Yeah, we should be able to work around it. Just a little panic when I realized there could be a clash. Im sure we’ll find enough people to cover if we were to make it to the final.