Leaving Witton...

…is Sam McNutt (to Prescot)<br><br>Neil Hall has returned to Droylseden also.<br><br>GE<br>


I thought Neil was instrumental in our Cup Final Win.<br><br>McNutt wasn’t good enough.<br><br>Good Luck to both

Dont think we will miss either, mark jones is potentially better than hall, and liam maguire is close to being back, and ive seen enough of macnutt to know he isnt the player his reputation came with, he didnt even look good enough to be in the ressies team ? maybe hes lost his confidence somewhere, he has certainly had more than enough chances to prove himself. Time to move on use the players weve got and promote ressies when needed and ready, close season will be very interesting dont you think ?

Jon Worsnop has returned to Droylsden FC.<br><br>GE<br>

;DGet Steveeee Crompton signed up quick, in case Brett can’t play!!!

To late Chad just signed for Newcastle