Leek 2 Witton 2

Finished in a draw which I suppose before hand I would probably accepted but from what I have just been told we could have won, Once again the team played well Leek got a dubious pen and MM hit the underside of the bar.<br><br> If you haven’t already heard Spennymoor once again were unable to field a team tonight, if the rumours are true this could mean them not finishing the season and all thier results being removed having done a very quick calc I think this would move leek into the vital 5th spot because they haven’t played them at all this season and wouldn’t lose any points we would move into 8th 3 points behind them having lost and drawn with them, biggest losers could end up being Workington who would lose 6 points and be just one ahead of Hyde

Just got back - two excellent goals from Spike and my new hero Mr Byrne. Can’t believe Mike’s shot hit the underside of the bar and DIDN’T go in!!<br><br>Leek’s goals from a penalty and a free kick - we were well worthy of the win.<br><br>Not much has changed at Leek though.

As a neutral at the game, I would expect Witton to be somewhat disappointed with only sharing the points. The football they played was certainly entertaining and despite continued pressure throughout the second half were unfortunate not to grab all three points.<br><br>Both forwards looked lively and being dead in line with the attempt that hit the underside of the bar I can say that it definitely did not cross the line.<br><br>The ref. seemed somewhat biased for the Leek side throughout. I’m sure the possibility of play-offs for Witton is still strong with this sort of organised and attacking play.<br><br>All the best

Not many comments - are we all speechless or not quite had enough time to catch up with things like me! Another 12 hours n we set sail for Lincoln! (god knows how the players feel!)<br><br>Superb performance at Leek, deserved the win but still a good point.<br><br>We looked dangerous going forward, solid at the back on an awful pitch against Olympic divers and contending with a muppet referee (he’d fit in well with the nomes on the Leek bench wouldn’t he).<br>Not much else to say - more of the same lads and we’ll be there or there abouts.<br><br>Finally good to hear a bit of support for the team yesterday (I know numbers help) and well done to the management who have had their critics but you have to admit now we are taking it to the better sides in the league.

Yes a great performance, especially in the second half<br>I think we lost some of our composure when Adam Foy went off??<br>My man of the match, he seems to improve each match<br>But all the team performed very well<br>Where is Peter Mellor man of ambition hiding lately???

Maybe he is buying tickets to see the boxing match between two of his ‘ambitious forward thinking’ directors at another club in wincham

Got me in Stitches Jac! :wink:

Oh No :cry: