Leek Town 8/11/05

Can someone please confirm if this game is now OFF? Apparently Leek are in Senior Cup action that night according to their website.

:frowning: Hi Pritch. It’s up on the Unibond League website as being game off. See attached link.<br><br>http://www.unibondleague.com/fixtures.php?month=November&amp;tid=%

Cheers for that

Nice to find out this way! No point continuing with the articles for the programme then.

Hi Chad, <br> <br>Guess that if your programme article is non-Leek specific, you could always use the piece in the programme for the re-arranged Frickley game on the following Saturday. ;)<br> <br>As a separate question (given that I’m hoping to make it to the Matlock game on 5th November) how come the Gladiators are still able to get away with using a three-sided ground, whereas other clubs (Emley’s Welfare Ground springs to mind) have had grading problems in the past ? <br><br>

Just been told OFFICIALLY that the Leek game is off.<br><br>GE<br>

Do I sense a bit of bad luck here?<br>We’re all set to play struggling Ilkeston and then its off, all set for a tasty home game with Marine and its off then all set to play lowly Leek at home when we’ve hit form and maybe capitalise on one of our games in hand and its off!<br>Next up - bogey trip to Matlock!<br>Am I being too cynical?

i know just how you feel neil. ive only ever seen witton win once at matlock. but at least were due a win there ;D