Leek Town v Witton

20 minutes played latest score: LEEK TOWN 1 Witton 0.


Latest Score:LEEK TOWN 2 WITTON 0

Latest Score: LEEK TOWN 2 Witton 1 Andy Lee Penalty.


Result: LEEK TOWN 2 WITTON 2<br><br>Mark Peers 92nd minute equaliser.

Derek, thanks for the updates. Much appreciated. Must admit, was watching the time and thinking, oh well another defeat. Glad to see the late equaliser go in.<br><br>Yet another escape after being 2 goals down?<br><br>Report anyone?

To many occasions we are falling behind, obvious problems in defence - time to sort it out before it is too late and North Ferriby get to far away, vital match on Saturday, the season will be a long one if we go out of the cup

Get out of jail card duly played by Mark Peers. what a great strike but we shouldn’t have got anything from that game at all.<br>Leek we’rent great but we were worse.<br>Won’t have a go at individuals, generally a very poor performance all round (I’m sure they know it themselves). <br>In reality we know we have a good side and they can’t be that bad that often!<br>Ok, put it behind us and Saturday - lets get to the next round [smiley=banane.gif]

Last night was awful wasn’t it? We didn’t start playing until after the penalty. The first half was dire, with long balls just lumped up, no thought put into it at all. <br><br>They MUST have been told to play like that, no footballer naturally doesn’t even look for a player on their own team when they have the ball…do they?

All I can say is thank god they had our ex left back tickle. Least he’s good for something. Always said he’d be wittons best player one day, but it’s a bonus it came when he was playing against us. Thanks david for the point.

…What i would say is take a look at the comments satrting all over again on here …its the same every year!!<br>This time time in about 2 weeks tha patience will have ran out…neil and co will be turning into league managers and telling everybody what was wrong and how to put it right!<br><br>Players Gel…over the summer…it cant be 6/7 weeks into the season. Its about time everyone realised this is the league for witton albion and pushing for the title is not arealistic…seriously!<br><br>I bet you in 6 weeks its all doom and gloom with fans moaning…etc etc … as thats all that they kow!<br><br>Anyway have fun!<br>

Anyone tell us the team, and how they played individually, sounds very dissapointing, lets hope gary gets it sorted shortly - saturday will do ?, how about changing shape ? our full backs are attacking our wingers are not wingers, maybe 3-4-3 or the diamond shape, at least this way lally can hold the base of midfield he is not fit enough to play central of 2, but he is a good player - analogy close to england methinks.<br><br>It is the definition of insanity to keep doing what you always did and expect something different to happen.

cj…your wish was granted last nite…Pinch dropped 4 Pritch and Conners in 4 Lally…the rest the same as saturday…performance **** ALL ROUND…defence did,nt look any better with experience there, nor did the midfield…as you say changes are needed…we did,nt even huff and puff.,but some how got out of jail with a point…Leek were a poor side , we should be winning these games…thats my Opinion 8)

Team:<br>Kennedy<br>King, Spearitt, Pritch, Parkinson<br>Byrne, Connors, McGuire, Lee<br>Moseley, Jones<br><br>Subs<br>Peers for Byrne<br>Lally for Connors<br>not used Pinch<br><br>

bejay, <br><br>thanks for info, not quite my wish, dont like connors in centre mid, looks good at left back or left mid to me, dont think id have dropped lally, but can understand why ! think the mgr knows what hes doing and I have faith hell get there, looks like a bad day at the office then, always value your opinion, good forum to express it , ::slight_smile: cheers neil for team info.

No worries CJ, I’ll go for thr bad day in the office too. You dont become a bad player/team over night.<br>Lally was carrying an injury apparently.

A completely unbiased match report from the Leek Site!<br><br><br>New Blues’ boss Nigel Deeley was cruelly denied a well-earned victory at Harrison Park when, for the second time in four days, Witton came from two goals down to steal a point. <br><br>Albion officials admitted after the game they were embarrassed to be taking a point home after Leek totally outplayed the visitors for much of the game. <br><br>Match referee Glyn Mellor didn’t help, denying Blues a clear-cut penalty in the first half and then awarding the visitors a very dubious penalty kick in the second half that completely turned the course of the game. <br><br>Leek turned in their best performance of the season and swept into a two-goal lead playing some superb football that the opposition rarely got to grips with. <br><br>Blues piled forward from the whistle pinning Witton back into their own half for long periods but Mike |Moseley came close to opening the scoring when his header struck the Leek crossbar in the 31st minute. <br><br>However, it came as no surprise when Leek took the lead in the 33rd minute. Alex Brown drove in a free kick that Jon Kennedy tipped round for a corner and when Ryan Brown hoisted the flag kick into the six yard area, Dave MacPherson steamed in to power a header into the back of the net. <br><br>Four minutes from the break Leek were denied a clear penalty when a Witton defender blatantly palmed a cross wide of the upright with the referee awarding Blues a corner kick. <br><br>After the break there was only one side in it as Witton reeled under constant Leek pressure. <br><br>Alan Nagington dragged a shot wide and had another effort saved by the keeper before he stretched Leek’s lead in the 59th minute. <br><br>Blues approach work undid the Witton defence once again and Nagington raced into the box to plant his shot wide of the advancing Kennedy to put his side in the driving seat. <br><br>Leek continued to pile forward and a little piece of Ryan Brown magic set up Kinsey but his volley was superbly palmed wide of the upright by the Witton keeper. <br><br>However, the referee completely turned the game on its head in the 74th minute when he was influenced by Witton striker Mike Moseley who went down in the box following an innocuous challenge from Dave Tickle. <br><br>The visiting striker made a meal of the incident hurling himself forward from a kneeling position to win a hotly disputed penalty and.Andy Lee drove home the spot kick. <br><br>Despite the set-back, Leek continued to pile forward and Nagington twice came close to extending his side’s lead before the referee indicated three minutes of time added on. <br><br>Leek looked to have deservedly won their first game of the season when Witton chanced a final throw of the dice to punt the ball forward and the inevitable happened when Mark Peers popped up to volley the equaliser home from the edge of the box with virtually the last kick of the match. <br><br>

Disappointed with last nights performance but at least we got a point.<br>What is it with playing the long ball instead of our usual passing game?<br>Jordan played well towards the end of the match and Ben performed throughout.<br>Our pen looked clear cut from where I was standing.<br>Let’s have a win on Saturday lads to get us back on the right track.

[smiley=banane.gif] A late comment but have to say that Witton looked much better when Anton Lally came on midway through the second half; only then did we start to "boss" the midfield. Hope he can stay fit in the games to come.