Leek Town

Got a creditble draw yesterday with 9 men it seems at Conference Halifax, well done to them.<br><br>On closer reading it also appears one of the dismissed was, yep you’ve guessed it.<br>

Need to read the report again Neil - He was the ONLY player dismissed.<br><br>They went down to 9 men when Frosty was stretchered off with a reported broken leg - seems Carl has been dogged with injury since his spell with us - remember that second month was curtailed due to him sustaining an injury, I think, at Belper.<br><br>I’m sure all Wittoners will join with me in hoping the break isn’t too complicated and therefore mends soon and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Carl has a serious break, tibula and fibula, I understand

Just popped on the board to tell you about Frosty, as I know he still has a lot of friends at Witton. Obviously the news as already been brought to your attention. karl who is just returning from injury went on as a second half substitute had only been on the pitch for about 6 minutes when making an explosive run at goal was tackled when making a shot breaking both bones as Rob as explained. The latest news from the hospital in Halifax where Frosty was detained last night is that he is currently undergioing a major operation two insert rods into both bones. He is probably going to be in Hospital for 5 days. He is not expected to play for 12-18 months. Frosty’s last words as he left the ground were to apologise to Paul Ogden for not scoring what would have been the killer goal. They say players don’t have commitment to the club. He was one of fourteen very committed players yesterday. I know there will be a lot of Witton Players, Staff and supporters wishing Frosty well

Exactly the same injury as suffered by Liverpool’s Djibril Cisse :(<br><br><br>My best wishes go to Frosty…

Apologies, I scanned the report and saw that "with 9 men" and presumed their had been 2 red cards. I did check I was right about Clegg though, 2nd bookable I believe.<br><br>Sounds a serious injury indeed, speedy recover Carl.

Indeed, I wish Carl a speedy recovery too.<br><br>Emphasises how dependent on Mr Moseley we are though. What would we do if he was out for 12-18months, heaven forbid?? :o

I wonder with their financial backing where they will be looking for a replacement striker? I’m sure sure Mr Philips will be putting his opinions into that one.