Lets Be More Positive

I am concerned about the lack of activity to our pre season recruitment drive. I see Prescot Cables have signed the powerful ex Wrexham centre forward Karl Connolly. He would have been the perfect foil for Mike up front. Runcorn have signed Durkin a midfield player from Halifax. Liam Watson had signed the players he wanted before the end of May. We have touted Eyre who signed for Leek, Scott Williams who was not good enough the 1st time round(sorry Scott), Ryan Baker who is the same type of player we have already got on board classy but not powerful. <br> This worries me a great deal because if we can?t compete with Prescot and Runcorn then god help us. What about John Durnin recently released by Accrington, John Bagnall a goalie at Burscough who is not getting in, the no 8 at Woodley sports and the Centre half who impressed me in that ill fated match. There is a lad at Marine called Thurston who is scoring goals . They also have Paul Macnally who is one of the best I?ve seen in the air (be great alongside Mike). C?mon JD and Kingy lets get out there and try. If they turn us down there?s nothing lost but waiting around for the dregs who can?t get a club is not my idea of making progress and lets face it we need more strength in this new league.<br> Well done to all the hard working people at the club Neil, Debbie, Graham E, Chad,Pete Riley,Sprucie to name but a few. Mike W is the best chairman we have had since Sir Tom Stelfox. Keep it up Mike but now is the time to speculate to get our crowds back up by making one or two decent signings.<br>Another thing to get off my chest is more of an idea really. I work for a company who is constantly hiring out expensive rooms in which to hold conferences and meetings. A recent bill for a day at Cranage Hall for 14 people came to nearly ?1000. I organised a meeting the other day at the RADBROKE BARN a BB near Knutsford. It cost ?400 for 15 people. My point is this there are many companies out there who want these facilities during the normal working week. All it takes is a decent rooom with a large table, a few eats like butties salad etc , endless supplies of mineral water, mints,and maybe a projector and PCc for powerpoint presentations. If we charges ?250-?300 a go and we got 2 a week we could make around ?450- ?500 profit for virtually doing nothing. <br> Think about this folks seriously there is real money to be made if we get it right.<br> I hope this is seen as constructive and not just having a go.<br>Her?s to the new season and promotion to the Conference North where we will play Vics in 2006 on Boxing Day !!<br>

Our facilities are available for use during the working day, in fact we do host several meetings in the Club throughout the year.<br><br>We have three rooms available, Boardroom, Stellfox the big club room, we can cater for any number and have all the facilites Companies need for a conference.<br><br>We try and market it, McDonalds use it, Sainsbury’s use it and others.