Links Page

Now Debbie & Neil pretend i am associated with Vics and explain it in real simple terms for me! Where exactly has the links page gone and if it still exists how do i access it? Now don’t lie to me or break any promises about its existence or future existence to me will you?

It’s on the right hand side. "Unibond Premier Clubs" for clubs in our league, and underneath "Other Links" for other links, funnily enough!! That has all of the Guardian and Chronicle links and things.<br><br>Don’t get too used to the current website - it’ll be all change in just a couple of hours! ALL CHANGE!!

yes thanks for that!!! I just get used to it and then it all goes a bit brighter! <br><br>Cheers

;D I assume that C.I.D. won’t be receiving your application form Pritch!

Mr C<br><br>Good to see your obervation skills are just as good! I asked prior to the new set up on the webpage (2 hours before it changed).<br><br>As we can all see the new set up is that good that even Stevie Wonder can find it fine, not sure about Vics fans though! Any new T-shirts from you or Holman doing the rounds yet???