Looking ahead...

No not the manager the league game on Saturday.<br><br>A quick glance at the forecast shows a rather cold weekend, which just struck me when I saw snow out the window!<br><br>To help matters I’ve added a link on the preview page to the BBC weather 5 day forecast for Spennymoor. <br>Without anything official from the club/Spennymoor/Bishops I’d advise checking before travelling as from memory the pitch can get a bit heavy at times!<br><br>Team are leaving at 8.45am I think so hopefully the news will be out before fans set off.

Will Tony Hancock be in charge for this game?

Considering they are interviewing on Sunday I think it’d be a no.<br><br>Unless it gets called off and he is later appointed - that’d be another story though…<br><br>

According to JC (reliable source I believe) on Bishops site they haven’t had much rain since Wednesday and the weather is good up there.<br><br>A bit more promising maybe, just the BBC chance of a -9 to worry about. (funny how minus points keep cropping up isnt it!)<br>

Not quite -10 like in Northwich a month or so ago. From 2 different sources up north it is going to be about 3 or 4 degrees celcius tomorrow so probably be on but just bloody nippy. :-[