Loss of supporters

Just spoken to my cousin Mike Price and he confirmed my worst fears. He got three of his mates to come along on Boxing Day, his first game this season and theirs. All of them had come along because of the great write-ups in the press just lately. To say they were disappointed is an understatement, we might get them back for the Rushden game, but I doubt it despite my assurances that the Leek game was a "blip". When we get a bigger gate than normal it is VITAL we win so that the less committed fans keep coming.<br>WHS. :cry:

Nice to start the new year with a positive posting!<br><br>I am sure people would rather see a fantastic game of football which unfortunately ended 4-3 to Leek than a drab game where we win 1-0 in the final minute!<br><br>If they ARE Witton/Football supporters then not to return after a game like that is ridiculous.

I agree with Andy. If we had the result then everyone would be raving about the game. We all have to keep going and don’t lose the faith. Elsewhere on this forum folks are raving about performances at stamford, ferriby, vauxhall etc - don’t get one result out of perspective!

The people who would of been most dissappointed with the Leek result are the regulars, who know how reliable JK normally is, and who know that it is a game we should of won. For ?8 it was better value for money than most Premiership games. 7 goals, 1 nil up after 2 minutes, pegged back to 1 - 1 for half time, 3 - 1 up with 20 minutes to go, a last minute winner, a stoppage time equaliser that was disallowed. Just a shame it wasn’t us that got the last minute winner. It was a better game than most, eg Radcliffe, Gateshead, Burscough, to name 3.

It’s always a shame to lose at home, especially against a larger than usual crowd. That said, Andy is totally right and one game should not be taken out of perspective in what has been a very solid season so far (with some great games of football home and away).<br><br>Here’s an example to make the point (maybe use this on your cousin and friends) …<br><br>If the Saturday before Christmas was the first time you had watched Reading at home you would have seen a miserable 0-2 home defeat to Everton. If you decided then not to go and watch them in the future on the basis of that one game then you would have missed the following;<br><br>2-2 Draw away at Chelsea on Boxing Day (first Premiership team to score 2 goals at Stamford Bridge this season)<br><br>3-2 Defeat (very credible) away at Manchester United the league leaders (only Premiership team to score 2 goals at Old Trafford this season)<br><br>6-0 Win in their next Home match against West Ham<br><br>Remember; A football club is for life and not just for Christmas! <br><br>Tell your friends we would love to welcome them back to Wincham Park. It could have been worse they could have fancied a nice day out watching a local side place in the FA Cup on the South Coast, that would have put you off football for life!<br><br>Cheers<br><br><br><br><br><br>

You are wrong on one major point, winning is ALL that matters, particulrly to part time supporters who sadly are in the majority. I have watched Witton when they have been really awful over the years bur sadly most people only come to watch their side win, an abysmal 1-0 would have been more likely to get these people to come again than the error strewn 3-4 defeat. It is impossible to explain to people who have never seen JK before that he is the best keeper we have had in years after the howler on Boxing Day. I have complete faith in him to bounce back but those part time supporters will take some convincing. <br>Actually, I will take 20 1-0 wins anytime over the next few months, even if the games are awful. To paraphrase Blair, whay we need is "PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION, and I don’t particulrly care how we get it.<br>WHS.

Completely agree that winning is all the matters, winning games = promotion and I would much rather ‘win ugly’ than play flowing football and get beat. 1-0 scrappy wins are fine (although there is a counter arguement about this not always being nice to watch).<br><br>The point is you can’t judge a side based upon one result and if your cousin/friends or any other supporter is going to do that then the turnover in supporters would be huge. Chelsea have not won now in three games, I doubt they will be handing their season tickets back in at Stamford Bridge. <br><br>The character of the side now needs to be displayed in our next league performances (I have already expressed my opinion that we should put the reserves out at Bamber and against N********). We need to win these games in hand.<br><br>We all want the same thing, a winning side that gets up and out of this division.<br><br><br><br>

The problem is that part time supporters do judge on one game, the game they see when they return. All that has gone before does not count in their eyes as they simply did not see it!! Had they seen a great win, or just a win, they would have gone home happy and keen to come again. Getting these people back into the habit of coming to games is not easy, it is up to the players to make staying away the wrong decision and make them committed supporters again.<br>WHS.

Have to disagree, having been responsible for the two games where we had 100+ kids in extra,we drew 0-0 in one game and won 1-0 in the last minute in the other with an Alex Brown screamer.<br><br>Those children and their parents would DEFINITELY have enjoyed the Leek game far more than the two above.

Have to agre with Andy. For us supporters all we want to do is see a win, be it scrappy or whatever. For your casual football followers, you can’t beat a 4 - 3 game for drama!

Sorry, but if you are a prospective fan the last thing you want to see is the team losing a 3-1 lead with shocking errors, because let’s face it, Leek didn’t fight back, we gave it to them. Some people may have enjoyed the game, but they were either very uncommitted or worse, Vics fans!!!<br>WHS

Was anyone else concered that we didnt get chance to bounce back straight away? <br>We will lose the odd game occasionally, even if we are the better team.<br>Lets concentrate on getting a couple of conference scalps (and I say this a little jokingly but anyone coming to those games - regulars especially do remember they are 2 leagues above us and we have no right to walk all over them!)

In all respect i thought that this thread was actually about very uncommitted supporters. ?ie, ‘supporters’ who have not attended a single game this season until boxing day, despite the fact that we have had FA Cup matches against teams from higher divisions, despite the fact that we have had important potential promotion 6 pointers against the likes of Fleetwood, and despite the fact that we went on a long unbeaten run (a VERY long HOME unbeaten run). ?And these same uncommitted supporters have been put of by 1 game that we all know we should of won, but ended up as a very exciting 4 - 3 game (so not beaten by a scrappy 1 - 0 result or anything dull like that) against a team fighting for their Unibond Prem status.<br><br>The point is that rather than posting on here about a game that has been and gone the energy might be put to better use by telling these people that it WAS just a blip, pointing to our recent EXCELLENT record, and advising them that the Rushden game would be an excellent choice to make as their SECOND game of the season. ?However, this is a game that we do have to be prepared to lose, so maybe you should of brought them to the Clitheroe game instead. ?A game we won 8 - 1, but hardly a fair barometer of the sort of game to expect at SWincham Park this season.<br><br>As Neil said when we beat Ferriby back in august (i think it was Neil, it may of been Chad!) ‘1 swallow does not make a summer’ (or words to that affect!). ?As beating Ferriby 4 - 0 did not make us automatic title hopefuls, the Leek game does not suddenly make us a bad team. ?And if people want to judge the team on just one match then that is their choice, but we all know what this team is capable of, so lets spread the word about our potential and not dwell on 1 result. ?We will lose games, and if ‘fans’ decide not to come back each time we lose then fair play to them, i suggest they find another sport to follow as football teams (deep breath here) SOMETIMES LOOSE.<br><br>WHS, you have referred to this Witton team for the last few months as the ‘JimVincables’, so let’s rally round, get the same people down again to Rushden, and let’s see where we go from there. ?

You are dead right, it is time to move on and I for one will be posting flyers for the Rushden game on every car I can find in Northwich next week. Neil and some others are "hitting" the Town on Saturdat so I figure a reminder in midweek might just get some extra people there. <br>As for beating Rushden, you are right on that one too, it is no forgone conclusion, especially without Peers and Moseley who are both unlikely to make it, still Connors will be back so we don’t have to play the two wide men in this game, we can flood midfield and let the pace of Warlow, Caghan and Jones do the rest. If that does not work I am sure Pritch can "nick" us one from a corner!!! See you all a week on Saturday. (Can’t make Bamber, visitors coming for tea!!)<br>WHS<br><br>