Loughborough Dynamo vs Witton Albion Sat 14th

On a " light-er " note I am " attracted " to this game against the Dynamo known as the Moes but am otherwise " engaged " due to a wedding. If we can make an " electric " start then this game will not go down to the " wire ". Really have got a wedding I am not " cop-per-ing " out.

Come on Dodger !

lets hope we see the light and play Elecric this weekend.

“Witton Till I Die”

Can’t wait for the thread when we play the other Dynamo ie Shepshed as their ground is situated in Butt Hole Lane :blink:

Let’s hope there won’t be any shocks in store for us and we can generate plenty of support.
I knew you would plug it first Eli, and unfortunately I am also missing the game due to family committments.
There will still be plenty of Witton livewires present who, no doubt, will be in their element.
It will be a down to earth encounter and not one for the neutrals.
This will be our main chance to sock it to them.

To combine the two Dynamos there must be something to do with a ring main.

How much do the Dynamos charge?

OHM supporters free - away supporters £20 SHOCKING

Away fans could " volt " in for free !

There might be some resistance though!

From the copper-s ?

Why’re you asking me?
I re-coiled at first.
I don’t want to derail-yer thread.

Dynamos defence seems to have short-circuited conceded four on Saturday & another four tonight!

Let’s hope we can give them a batterying as well.
Maybe that’s what you get with a flat back four.
Think positive :slight_smile:

eligorton wrote:

Eli, who is the lucky lady?


Not Dinah Mo?

" Generating " some good one’s now boys !

I like to keep up with current affairs.

Had this game been played on " Faraday " " ah-ma-ture * we would have won easily !

Watt Eli ? ohm no understand !