man city

any news on tonights match.

lost 3-2 and missed a penalty.<br>Decent performance againb though and a few new faces to keep us guessing - helluva job you have there Jim to pick a team!

Played well again tonight, some good football in very windy conditions, a draw would have been a fair result.<br><br> Ar we putting ‘missed pen’ on every match report!

We must have someone who can put the ball inside one of the posts, I’ve lost count of how many penalties we’ve missed.<br>Very good Man City side and BIG with it for young lads, great 2nd goal for Witton and certainly looked better after changing the 2 centre halves, just wish Tom Spearitt could play the ball along the floor instead of lofting it in the air ???<br>The Futures bright, its very much RED AND WHITE

Missed the game last night so can’t comment on the performance but good to hear everyone being so positive for a change. It feels like there is some real momentum building with the team and the spirit round the club.