management teams

It is quite obvious that Witton have secured the services of some of the best young talent in the district.<br>This was clearly shown last Tuesday. The question that we should all be asking is what is being done to secure the future of the management teams at the club.<br>The wealth of talent within the players is not down to good luck they obviously want to play for their respective management teams.<br>What steps are being taken to secure the ambitions of both managment and players.

I must agree with you Jim on this, It must now be getting noticed at other clubs.<br>They must be thinking, how does this management team get players to come to WAFC when they could go to other clubs for more money.<br>The reason is that they like the whole set up and are happy playing for Jim & Benny.<br>I just hope that we can secure their future with us, before it is too late, what does anyone think about this.<br>As at this moment in time, we are enjoying watching good football and players involved that want to play for WAFC.<br>This includes the reserves and the youth teams