Can someone please put up list of mangers since Pete O’Brien. I can remember some but others escape me. Thanks.

Some I’m not sure I want to remember. lol

I can only help from 2005ish! Some brief, others barely worth remembering…

Jim Vince
Nige Deeley
Gary Finley
Paul Ogden
Dave MacPherson/Brian Pritchard
Brian Pritchard
Anthony Sheehan
Tony Sullivan
Scott Dundas
Carl Macauley
Jon Macken


Three more that come to mind pre Jim Vince are:

Kevin Tully
Nigel Gleghorn
Eddie Bishop

Also seem to remember that Gary Finlay had two spells in charge, but can’t remember the exact order.

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So who took over from McKenzie.

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I think Kevin Tully was a 3 way joint manager with Nigel Deeley and John Bingham. The venture didn’t last long.

Just remembered another one (unfortunately):

Ray Ranson


Brad Sandeman was joint manager at one point but only briefly.

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Kevin Langley.

Think Brad might have been a joint caretaker manager with Brian Pritchard, some years before Pritch became joint manager with Dave McPherson.


John Davison in the early to mid 00’s?

John Davison was sacked in November 2004.


Mike McKenzie
Benny Phillips
Terry Murphy


I remember it well. We were playing VERY boring football and, after a typical performance at Wakefield FC (remember them?) the Board asked John to leave the next day.

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Did Peter Wragg make an appearance at some point?

Pretty sure Finley was about 2004 the first time? Just before I started watching the Albs I think

Takes some doing to have two underwhelming spells as Witton manager!

Peter Wragg was brought in as an advisor to McKenzie for a game we lost 5-0 at home.


Brian Booth and Terry Murphy. Now there was a management team

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Gary Finley 2004 - 2005 & 2008 - 2010.

Lee coathup was his assistant

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