Marine v Witton

Half time 0-0

Finished 1 - 1.

Couldn’t make the game today. what was the team, goalscorer, who played well, did we look any better

Team:<br>Gibbo, Molyneux, Tickle, Furnival, Pritch, Baker, Foy, Yates, Barlow, Moseley, Burton.<br>Subs:<br>Nolan for Tickle (injured)<br>Dicken for Yates<br>Madin for Bertie<br><br>Played alright, better in first than second halves.<br>Excellent 20 yard Foy strike to bring us level after they had taken the lead from close range early in 2nd half.<br>More to follow

Although i did’nt go myself was talking to someone who went to Marine today, game was again very poor apparantly with witton unable to take the game to them. Another 2 points lost I’m afraid, mid-table is getting nearer and the sooner we have changes the better. 230 next home gate!!! Wake up!

Wittoner dont make silly comments based on what you "heard".<br>It was a better game than of late, Molyneaux had a very confident and competent debut at right back, a cracking goal from FOY, the team worked hard for one another and the general play in the first half was good. Again they let themselves down in the last third, its a big problem who we can get to assist in MM’s workload.<br>Get that sorted and I am confident of that top 5 finish.

I hope all Wittoners are now home!! The amount who got lost getting to the game was unbelievable!!!<br><br>Better performance - first half we were quite attacking - more so than in any other game and it looked like we’d win comfortably if only we could get the first goal.<br><br>Apparently not!! Goalmouth scramble at t’other end, 1-0 down. Amazing goal from Foy into the top right hand corner though to bring it back - I have to admit I was in direct line with the shot behind the goal, and I ducked!! ;D I thought he’d missed!!<br><br>We did push to try to win, but we were also careful to not lose the point too, which I guess is okay.<br><br>I was very impressed with Marine’s stand, and the ground in general. It was tidy and good to stand on different levels behind the goals for a change. Sad that the stand at the open end had gone though - I’d got a little bit of nostalgia for that stand!<br><br>Can’t end a post without a rant, so it here comes!! [smiley=ranting.gif]<br><br>I am amazed that Dicken was on the bench. I would have thought that he’d let the team, fans and management down enough in his 103 games with the club. To see players sat in the stand (Bird, Stannard, Evans, Salt) and for him to be on the bench is awful. These players have never let the club down in any way which even comes close to what he has done. What sort of message are we giving out? I thought we were all working to get rid of the bad discipline - so what do we do - put the player back in. I know Andy Barlow was sent off, but that was once. Dicken has a track record of bookings and sendings off. <br><br>AND (nearly done)<br><br>He is to be suspended for 3 matches from next Saturday. On the previous logic, Pritch wasn’t chosen as he was going to miss 3 games due to being on holiday. Not chosen, not even on the bench. So, why play Dicken?<br><br>I for one cannot forgive him, as I know he will let us all down again - it is only a matter of time. He isn’t even playing well, it’s not as if he is our best player than we need to rely on. The sooner he goes and we get in a younger winger with fresher legs and a better attitude, the better.

It was a decent enough performance and we started very brightly. If we had scored in the opening 10mins I think we would have stormed home to victory but we didn’t take some of our half chances.<br><br> Nice to see somebody else scoring except Mike cos’ we can’t always rely on him. Beautiful goal as well. Thought Molyneux played well and is a good addition to the team.<br><br>MOM Ryan Baker IMO, Looked very good on the ball and created some good openings for the Albion. The dangerman in midfield. I think he is finding his feet now after a couple of games with the lads.

Little changes, a point against a team near the bottom, have been saying for ages we are nothing more than a mid table team.<br><br>The new lad Molyneux did well, will be an asset, Baker showed some potential in the first half, but Burton up front with MM, he’s a joke, donkey springs to mind.<br><br>Must agree with Debbie, over Dicken he is probably earning as much as most at the Club, lets the team down and still gets to play.<br><br>Sorry to say it but with cases like that and failure once again to beat a team at the other end of the table confirms my opinion that our Management team have lost the plot.<br><br>I don’t think I am alone when I say it is unsatisfactory, my forecast for next Saturday’s gate 230, there are fewer travelling away as well, a few years ago loads would have gone to Marine.<br><br>So come on Director’s are you happy?

Anstey, why are you always so negative, especially towards the management, has jd or kingy upset you in the past. As for the team, wasn’t at the game so cant comment really on yeaterday but from reports sounds like we played better especially first half. Did the inclusion of Andy Barlow give Ryan Baker more freedom? Heard the new lad did well, a decent signing. We are not playing in the premiership, it is non league where most games are ugly to watch. We have a good squad of players and if we can keep them all fit and no suspensions then i truly believe we can make the top 5. For god sake, Marine went and won 3-1 at Burscough in midweek. Give the lads some credit

I watched witton at marine ,as neutral and seen several games this season i thought witton were good for the first 20 minutes then as usual the team seemed to lack composure. on this viewing if i was a witton fan i would think about going to another game with more poor performances like this your looking at finishing in the bottom half of the league.I might even start watching the vics as they seem to be on the up with the new board new ground and better all round football :-/

Some pretty decent points already been raised.<br><br>Anstey I’m agreeing with you (and Debbie) on the Dicken situation, I’ll have to sit down for a minute! ;)<br><br>Aside from the points Deb has stated I feel in recent years the 2 incidents which are similar to this are the Eddie Bishop and Clegg positions. Both of which the club delt with well in my opinion. Much as I liked Clegg and Bishop we shouldn’t be allowing such ill dicipline to go imo. Barlow too was sent off for a simlar incident recently however, his record is certainly nothing to worry about, Dickens is. <br>I’m also suprised the management allow it to be seen as alright and he gets back in the squad when we have several seeminly fit players sat in the stand. This then swings full circle to why the hell Pritch wasn’t in the team at the start of the season just because he was missing for 3 games. Very wierd and one I can’t figure out, I don’t even think he has been playing that well, presumably neither does the management otherwise he’d have started yesterday. I’m confused. <br><br>On to more light hearted matters, Bakers best game yet, looking good. Popular side please don’t crucify him before he gets going.<br><br>I think that and last Monday (although we had the Alamo for 25 mins) were certainly better performances. I am disappointed though that we have only got 1 point from Frickley and Marine away. If we can bury the hoodo of Radcliffe away though this week it’ll be a boost as it is VERY tight in that middle of the table - we are however in striking distance.<br><br>Marine, decent ground, very tidy made a change and they had stewards who were:<br>a) over 12<br>b) looked as if they knew what they were doing!<br>good to see, credit where its due. club was also good.<br><br>Finally will score, a proper witton fan would not be considering watching anyone else! Neutrals can pick and choose their clubs/matches, others can’t. We weren’t in this position last season and ended up in 5th. Lets wait and see.


Aside from the fact I think Salty deserves his chance there are other aspects to consider. (playing with 10 men being one of them!) He is hardly a word beater is he, otherwise he’d have started yesterday surely?<br><br>Clegg was probably the best midfielder we had at the time but it wasn’t helping us in other areas. (off the pitch) anyways…<br><br>Here is a link to some pics from yesterdays game via the marine site:<br><br>;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;You can see a few of us on pic 5, it appears the shot wasn’t troubling the keeper as we all look pretty relaxed about it!

seeingas though eey man and his dog is slagging off team selection, what should we be starting with on tuesday at radcliffe then

It isn’t just the one sending off though, is it "Observer" - (who the hell AM I replying to - are you so ashamed of your opinion that you don’t want to put your name to it??)<br><br>It’s a whole catalogue of events - numerous bookings for dissent, kicking the ball away, kicking the ball away HARD at spectactors - it’s all behaviour you wouldn’t expect from a 10 year old. ?And, IF you made the trip to Frickley rushed from work on a Friday night, you will know the MANNER in which he got sent off there - ie everybody in the ground knew it would happen as soon as he stepped foot on the pitch - he went out looking for a fight. ?If you didn’t travel to the game, I can hardly expect you to feel as let down as any of those who went.<br><br>As for who instead - Salt of the injured ( I presume) Evans, and Molyneux (who is actually a midfielder and looked like he’d do well on the wing) for Yates, Yates on the bench. ?He isn’t so important that he even started him, as Neil said. ?There are definately better players who can keep the bench seat warm!!

But Vieira and Campbell are the backbone of the whole Arsenal team. When they are on the pitch they are fantastic and offer a lot to the team. For me, Dicken doesn’t help defensively in anyway and hasn’t created much up front either. His final ball is very poor and just continues to disappoint considering we know what he is capable. We can’t sit here forever waiting for the game he finally performs to his ability in. He will be getting paid too much to wait for that. We need a new winger IMO an out and out winger. We lacked width on saturday with Foy and Yatesy out there cos’ neither are genuine wingers.

This is my first posting on the site. I would like to comment on the last entry, specifically the point made re Yates. Yates is probably the most accurate and capable crosser of the ball we have, time after time he is free on the wing yet witton seem to have no vision and always play on the left or down the middle. Hello switch the ball!!!<br><br>