<br>hi just wondering what the state the pitch is in, is it just the one end and can anything be done before sat?as much as i/we hate playing there i think every vics fan wants it to be on, because we’ve got the fa cup game.<br>thankyou

Following the visit this morning, the very good news is that we have not got any problem with the actual drains themselves. There is though a severe compacting problem, particularly under the Lostock left hand-side penalty area that following excessive rainfall means the water can not flow freely into the drainage system.<br><br>We had scheduled verti-draining to be performed within the next month anyway. Now though the contractors will be coming in early next week and will use much longer prongs to get right down into the good soil below.<br><br>With the rain holding off at the moment then, although the area is soft, our Reserve match tonight is ON and the Northwich v Vauxhall F.A. Cup match on Saturday looks set to go ahead <br><br>

Compacting? sounds very much like overuse

Can’t have been over used in the areas where Witton have attacked, because very little attacking takes place!<br><br>Lets hope the Board are successful in bringing in another team next season too share Wincham Park, even if it is Runcorn or a reserve team from a League Club.<br><br>I for one thank Northwich Vics for all the money they have paid to us, wish them well in the future. The money we have received has been a more than useful.<br><br>Its been extremely good business for us and lets hope it can be replaced from somewhere else.

Could’nt agree more-- heard that Chester reserves are interested.