Just in case any of you’s don’t know our match today has been postponed.

Beat me to it! just updated the home page.<br><br>Reasons being the obvious really, but the Lostock end is suffering badly.<br>Lets hope we don’t have too many more days like this.

Perhaps we could play our UPD match on the Sunday after our FA Trophy match. I really hope we do not have to travel down to Wincham Park on a mid-week date.

Well, that means the first organised excursion of the DS Fan Club - Warrington Town here I come!! ;D

We can understand that espicially the group who went to Bishop Auckland on that wednesday night last year. Although I couldn’t care were we go if we win like we did that night.

Shame, I was getting all enthusiastic about this one too! Could do worse than Warrington v Spalding though…

First Saturday I’ve not been working this season, oh well I can here the pub calling…

I plumped for Nantwich V Congleton, not pretty but the home side kept attacking [smiley=nono.gif]<br>Funny enough so did the away team ::). must admit not seen teams attacking in both halves have UEFA changed the rules [smiley=banane.gif]<br>May be the fax isnt working at WAFC or has no one told<br>the football management [smiley=dunno.gif]<br><br>Loved Kevin Keegan [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]hated George Graham. :-X

I went for Colne V Alsager Town. A thoroughly entertaining match and a good advert for the N.W. Counties League.<br>The game ended in a 1-1 draw though Colne will feel that they should of won it as they dominated possession and had numerous chances.<br>The Alsager goal, very similar to the first Frickley goal against us recently.<br>Incidently, a certain Steve Cunningham came on as a second half substitute for Colne.<br>

We watched Danny Salt captain Warrington to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Spalding Utd. Pretty sure he thinks were stalking him after speaking to him in the bar afterwards and his shock of seeing us.

Indeed we made our trip to Warrington!<br><br>In the car, 2:55pm, Wire FM, what do we hear? Runcorn and Warrington team news!! Why don’t we get that? <br><br>Not a bad game. Pitch was seriously uneven - some of the bobbles were stunning!<br><br>Witnessed the most blatant penalty decision not given ever in the second half!! Spalding guy broke from his own half, no Warrrington player within 10 yards of him (they were pushing for the equaliser), the guy gets to the keeper in the penalty area and takes the ball round him. Keeper drags him down with both hands and the ref waves play on!! Unbelievable.<br><br>Good afternoon all in all. Incidently, it was ?6 to get into Warrington. Maybe our ?6.50 isn’t bad value after all but I still doubt the whingers would stop whinging knowing that!

Try Silk FM. 106.9<br>Team news, live score flashes and match summaries direct from the ground.

Our ground???

Yes, but only when Vics are at WP. They have regular coverage on all their away games aswell.

You should have updated coverage on the building of VS. They could just record some guy saying "No work has been done today" until it is worn out by being overused.

Out of curiosity who are the builders MW is talking to about building houses on WP and where will we build our new ground?<br>I hope it won’t be even further out of town - it is a bit of a pain.

Regarding the statement that the Club have issued about having to call the game off, not a lot more the Club could have done to notify supporters and there is obviously something wrong at the moment with the drains at that end of the pitch, maybe overuse is one of the problems? November 9th draws near I have a solution for that problem :-X

Trouble is we could’nt afford to lose the extra income. Without their money we have no chance of funding a promotion drive after xmas, MW has already told fans that the budget is set on crowds of 300 and at present we are well short of that figure. As regards the new stadium, I understand it to be in Lostock which is equally as bad as wincham. Also not sure that it will be agood idea for their new stadium to be next to a massive housing estate, obviously they will draw fans from there and the stadium clearly wont be out of town.NOW is the time to start thinking sensibly and explore the possibility of groundsharing at their new ground – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Couldnt agree more - lets give up owning everything, compromise on assetts and lose the ability to earn 100% of the revenue from our facilities. Belter why didn’t we think of that before…<br>

IT IS A BIG AREA THAT’S WATERLOGGED<br><br>Following an eagle eyed local sports editor’s phone call. Please read the TWO References to "SQ YDS" to actually read "YARDS SQUARE" in the article that’s on our website.<br> <br>Maths and geometry in particular were never my pet subjects 40 odd years ago.<br> <br>