matlock predictions

iid love to see the albion get a win at matlock!&lt;br&gt;ive been watching witton since the 1970s,and ive<br>only ever seen witton win at matlock once. <br>come on lads lets get a win [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>my prediction is a 2:1 win to the albion [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]i want us to win this one that much that i`m willing to donate a ?50 bonus to the player who gets the winning goal ;D ;D ;D

it would be better to donate the fifty pounds to the first team funds i am sure Jim could find good use for it<br>

who do you pay the 50? if we win 2-0?

the player who scored 1st, thats the winning goal

maybe it would be better to give it to jim towards team funds

yeah but what if right we score early on and we then suffer a barrage of pressure and with a couple of minutes left we break away on the counter attack and score. That for me would be the decisive winning goal.

the 1st goal is still the winning goal ;D but like jimmy said it might be best to give it towards the team funds.

in light of the fact i never scored the first i say put it towards team funds!

nice one ;D

In line with ‘pencil’s’ promise to donate ?50 he duly obliged last night by his kind donation to the players funds (responsibility of Jim Vince).<br>He ‘lead’ by example and ‘wrote’ his own name in to Witton’s great run and ‘e-rased’ the ?50 all by himself. On to Frickley then where we can ‘sharpen’ our game once more. Good old ‘pencil’.<br><br>GE<br><br> ::slight_smile:

thats the last time im going on the forum,after i`ve been drinking :wink: