Matlock Town vs Witton Albion

Witton team<br><br>Worsnop, Hockenhull, Brownhill, Pritchard, Barras, Foy, Alex Brown, Gaghan, Moseley, Warlow, Whalley.<br><br>Subs: Hendricks-Hamilton, Alistair Brown, Spearritt.

Latest Score: MATLOCK TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 1.<br><br>Mike Moseley following Adam Warlow’s pass after the Matlock keeper kicked the ball against Moseley.



Come on the Albs


Could have been worse!, no pushovers :slight_smile:

A very good point against the team that were top of the league before tonight’s games

A better result than from our last two games.<br>How did the game actually go?

Thanks for the score, just got in. Good result, never easy at Matlock, perhaps we can start to think positively again, a good result on Saturday would put us back on track.<br>WHS

Good result tonight. ?Could of been a GREAT result had we picked up something from saturday. ?However, judging by Kendal’s result tonight, they are obviously no mugs.<br>Much improved tonight from Saturday - still concerns at the back though, despite Pritch being a rock again. ?Sometimes we are trying to play too much football in areas where we should be concentrating on clearing our lines.<br>All in all, am glad i made the trip. ?Roll on Saturday!!

Well done guys! I think this season is going to be the hardest its ever been in this league with all teams taking points off each other so its important that we keep going and don’t get too down over a bad result. There are a few good teams in this league - and I believe we are one of them.<br><br>As for Kendal - they weren’t mugs on Saturday and Fleetwood seem to have got a bit of a surprise last night too. But neither were they outstanding and we have to keep the faith that we can compete with the best.

MTFC vs Witton Albion<br><br>Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the players names - I’m a Chesterfield fan who went to last nights game<br><br>This is the 1st unibond/semi pro game I’ve been to for many many years although I did go to Glapwell a couple of years ago<br><br>When the teams ran out I noticed a man mountain in your side (Brian?) who I thought would be a right trouble maker - he wasn’t and was joking with all the players after winning the ball - unfairly or fairly but seemed a magic bloke<br><br>Noticeable that all the officials came in for stick from both sets of supporters - that is the same at Chesterfield every week but I have to say that the referee, for me, had an excellent game. He let it flow but clamped down on any bad tackles with a stern word and booked 2 or 3 players when he felt the need to do so.<br><br>Witton were the better side in the 1st half and after scoring their first, had a spell of 10 minutes or so when it loked they could have scored every time they attacked.<br><br>In between, Matlock had a couple of chances that your keeper pulled off a few good saves and, when tested, he looked a very competent goalie.<br><br>Witton were playing the better football on the deck where as Matlock, at times, tended to pump the ball forward.<br><br>The score should, for me, have been 2 - 0 to reflect Wittons dominance.<br><br>In the 2nd half, it seemed to me that Witton wanted to hang on to what they had and perhaps it allowed Matlock to come into the game more. Matlock equalised after about an hour with a goal out of nothing from a player (Ian Holmes?) who has now scored 5 in 6 games. <br><br>For a 10 minute period thereafter, the game really came to life with both teams going at each other but, all of a sudden, the game seemed to fizzle out and was a little bit drab for the last 15 minutes. Maybe it was due to substituions as both teams made 3 substitutions in the final 3rd of the 2nd half.<br><br>At the end of 90 minutes I though a draw was a fair result.<br><br>For Witton I though the no:6 was very quick and looked a good player but sometimes he seemed to run and run but get nowhere. The 2 central defenders were very very solid and the keeper looked decent. Liked the look the outside left in the 1st half and, to be fair, I don’t think Witton had any bad players <br><br>I have to say that it is possibly better watching this standard of football than professional football.<br><br>Whilst ?7 seems a bit excessive, there are no slackers, you seem so close it seems you are involved, the banter bewteen fans is as it used to be in the old days and I have to sa that I thoroughlly enjoyed it.<br><br>I looked on the WA web site for a profile of the players but there wasn’t one but will follow your club with interest for the rest of the season and wish you all the very best and would like to thank both clubs for a very entertaining game played in a very good spirit<br><br>

See you at Grantham on Saturday then!!

[quote]See you at Grantham on Saturday then!![/quote]<br>Won’t see any football I’m afraid as I’m in London for the weekend<br>Wouldn’t mind coming to Witton one day - only problem is I don’t know where it is<br>I tried listening to the accents last night and my guesses were Tyneside or Merseyside - even your team coach didn’t give it away although I thought you were Midlands based as I seem to recall you reaching the FA Cup latter stages a few years ago

We’re in Northwich (Cheshire). We have two Reserve Teams (one play in the Mid-Cheshire League, the other play under the name of Northwich Victoria and they play in the Conference).<br><br>You’re very welcome to Witton - just post your intended date of visit on here and we’ll sort you out with directions.<br><br>GE<br>

A very good team performance. Much more assured in defence, we were prob the better team, but a draw was probably the right result.<br><br>And big thumbs up to Matlock for being able to watch the game whilst consuming Fosters!!!<br><br>

You forgot to mention the alice band Andy!!<br><br>2 decent games for a first-timer to attend at Wincham Park would be either Leek or Telford i would of thought.

My lad Chris went last night and gave me a full report. Sounds like we should have won!!<br>WHS

an what about mike moseley scoring after tremendous work! why would anyone even think of dropping a living witton legend! top goal scorer twice in the league. first name on the team sheet and rightly so!<br><br><br><br>p.s. that’ll be a tenner on sat mike.