Matlock Town vs Witton Albion

Possible good news is that the Radiators have won club of the month for November.Lets hope that being awarded it on Tuesday has the usual effect.
The only comment on their website which I saw about the likelihood of the game being on looks favourable.
They didn’t play yesterday which is mixed news.
At least our magnificent win keeps our momentum going.
I didn’t notice any new injuries, but then I could only just see past their keeper.

Forecast for the matlock area is showers tomorow but no rain Tuesday…small town near Buxton…

Didn’t see Ruddinho maybe he’s injured?

Don’t know the full details, but one of Stuart Rudd’s daughters was involved in an accident, hence he was not at yesterday’s game.

Goodness let’s hope his daughter is ok!!

Metcheck has got virtually no rain forecast until 6pm ish on Tuesday.
Looks like the hordes of Wittoners will be singing in the rain :unsure:

Lets hope as many Wittoners make the trip as possible. Lets make it a night to remember.

Come on the Albion!!!
:cheer: :cheer:

I echo that LP let’s also be very loud n proud the lads deserve it after yesterdays performance

Weather forcast is awful for tonight and tomorrow, when will we know if the game is definitely on, don’t want anyone making THAT journey in bad weather for no reason.

Not sure when we will know, as it is in the hands of the home team. However, it is in their interest to let us know before we travel, otherwise we can claim travelling expenses.

Advise you watch this site, or if no updates, check the Witton Office on 01606 43008. If there is nobody there, they usually put a message on the answer machine

I believe the team coach was due to depart between about 4.00/4.30 and therefore I would imagine we would know before then.

Any room on the coach?

Jeff is that the right number for the club I thought it was 43008?

I have just spoken to Graham Shuttleworth who has had contact today (re the car park see elsewhere) and no mention was made of an inspection. Likewise the forecast is good for Matlock tomorrow so the situation shouldnt get any worse.

If anyone wants to text me before travelling (yorkshire red!) feel free and I’ll confirm if I know anything other than whats on here.

0776 119 2195.

At this stage though its looking good - see you there.

Thanks neil il check before setting off today!! couldnt believe it yesterday afternoon when i was sent to deliver an urgent order to.....MATLOCK!!! must say after having a look at the pitch that it looked ok so fingers crossed for tonight. CMON WITTON WE CAN DO IT :wink:

I think Jeff did that much work from home he considers it the Witton office now!

Number for the ‘official’ office is 43008

Will make sure there is a message on there at 4pm just before we are due to depart

I just rang Matlock and the chap who answered said that the game is ON.

but please double check before leaving as i dont want the blame if the weather changes!

:wink: oi bugga lugs i rang the ground and it was an automated message grrrrrrrrrrrrr

WHS wrote:

[quote]Any room on the coach?

Hi Alan,
I’ve just rang Peter Riley, and the coach is leaving at 16:15.

If you can be at the ground by 16:00, there is room on the coach. I am not sure of the fare, but it is usually £10

Damn!! just got in and read this, could have just made it at a push!! I will be on here all night following the score.