Meeting on Ground move

Just want to say how refreshing it was to hear someone state simply the facts and leave the decision making to the supporters. We were not given a Maggie Thatcher, "There is no alternative" just the facts as they certainly are. Personally I am in favour of continuing to look at the possible move to Moss Farm to see where it leads because, truth to be told we have no real future at Wincham, not if we want to improve our standing in the non-league community. To all Northwichers reading this, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have such a conversation with your chairman, you can’t because he owns your club and you don’t; what he says goes!!!

I think all fans should applaud the Chairman for his integrity and the open nature in which information was put across. The nature of any plans and communication is reasonably sensitive and therefore is probably best kept to meeting forums rather than message board postings. The only firm and true message at the moment is that we are considering potential relocation through choice, that we have various parties interested in the development of our current site and equally have a number of options over where we may relocate to (or indeed we may choose to do nothing and stay where we are)!!!

The commercial arguements for relocation are very strong, we cannot make progress on or off the field without generating long term additional revenue streams (gate receipts on their own are insufficient to support any sort of growth). These need to be achievable aims and above all be sustainable. The club is in an extremely strong position in that not only does it not have to move (other than for increased commercial opportunity) but that it also has a sizeable asset which at an appropriate point in time will allow us to relocate if/when we choose to do so.

The turn out at this evening’s meeting and the nature in which it was conducted was a credit to the club (management and fans alike).

[br][size=1]Posted on: April 26, 2007, 11:17:41 PM[/size][hr]Reference Moss Farm (as WHS posted).

Before this is considered further as a potential option, consideration needs to be given for previous reasons why plans on this site have failed. A feasibility study and focus groups would need to be established (funded not by us but by an incoming developer). It would be essential to fully understand the council’s plans and requirements for suitable projects and to be as open with the local residents/community as the Chairman was tonight. It would be pointless spending time, money and considerable effort on this particular opportunity for it to be rejected further down the line…

Note should be taken from previous projects. Circumstances and opportunities change over time however we need to persue any and all opportunities in the appropriate manner.

Hope the meeting went well. it is good to have a Chairman willing to listen and discuss team matters with those most important supporters!
Noticed on the previous post, the links regarding Moss Farm include quotes that the councillors will be looking into developing the site 7 years ago, yet nothing has happened!
It wasn’t the idea of a stadium that was rejected, it was the fact that Vics announced it in the press before discussing it with the councillors that upset our elected ofiicials.
Vale Royal council have just appointed a new firm of consultants to investigate the future of the Moss Farm, with Northwich Rugby Club, Northwich Cricket Club and the Cheshire FA having money to invest in developing the site. This would be an ideal opportunity for Witton Albion to join in the discussions.

Just to endorse the previous comments, I’d like to thank the Chairman for arranging and conducting such an informative meeting. It was good to hear that the Club has ambitions, but, at the same time, wants to remain faithful to its traditions of being a friendly, family club, considerate not only to its supporters but also its neighbours. Well done, Mike!

Can only endorse much of what has been said already. Thanks to Mike, Graham etc for holding the meeting and allowing fans to put forward their views. You would n’t get that at a lot of football clubs and its great because it gives you a feeling that we are all in this together. Much of what was discussed should not be posted on this forum but the one thing that I really liked was the thought that has been given to investing some of any windfall into a secure pot to safeguard the future. This is all important for Fans who will be there long after we’ve all gone and secure the future of the club.
Personally I can’t see how we can lose here as if we move to the location we discussed then we’ll generate more income through being more Central and managing the items we discussed, If we stay there will be houses around us where we might attract more income into our Club via increased social amenties! It’s a win win situation as far as I can see. However I can’t see the consortium letting our site slip through their grasp and the money offered is bound to increase to make moving anywhere a moneyspinner So lets go forward with confidence and hope we can get out of this current league. Onward and upward C’mon Telford and Burscough lets have a nice nil all draw tomorrow and more important lets keep the Buzz going round the place we have now!!

Well its already happening, people that were not at the meeting (and a couple that were) blowing what was said out of all proportion, had the chairman of Northwich rugby club on the phone to me asking exactly what was said because his phone has been red hot from press, local councilors committee members from the rugby club all saying that we are taking over moss farm and kicking everybody else off which as everyone there will know could not have been further from the truth. I can just see the headlines next week all based on hearsay and second hand information. I just wanted to stress to all (as I did with Sam Naylor) that what Mike Worthington stated was what MIGHT!! be possible IF we accepted any offers and what MIGHT be possible if certain partys agreed to sit down and look at what opportunities Witton Albion could bring to the local sports community ENCOURAGING all sports (including rugby) not pushing them away but being involved in building better facilitys for all!!! dosen’t make such sensational headlines but hey why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

That was the main reason I urged Mr. Wortthington at the meeting to talk directly to the Northwich Guardian which I hope he did.
WHS.[br][size=1]Posted on: April 28, 2007, 08:36:21 PM[/size][hr]I can confirm that our Chairman met with Andy Simpson today and Andy tells me there will be a very positive report in this week’s edition, let us hope so, for once we are the headlines, not Vics.

Ok I have been shown the guardian this week and am big enough to say I was wrong, a very even handed report in fact would go as far to say as pretty possitive.

yeah i have to agree, i deliver the guardian and was pleaseantly surprised to have to turn a few pages before i saw the green and white of the vics, keep it going guardian :slight_smile: maybe this once a month thing could happen

Agreed Picko, I thought the report was fair and accurate, did not start shouting about plans that had not been made. Also pleased to see comments from the Rugby Club and others, it is vitally important that all parties are invited to discuss this as the overall project will largely depend on the community benefits as a whole (and not just from our point of view WAFC). If this is dealt with in an appropriate manner then the residents will see the merits of the what the scheme could bring.

It is worth having a look around the net for details of Dartford FC’s new gound (built at a cost of £7m to the council) and also at the plans that Burscough have drawn up for their new development. In addition I think Hinckley would be worth a visit by our board at some point! You can find details of all these by a google search of the above.

A few people have said to me that it would be a disaster to not own our own ground and end up with only having a lease on Moss Farm. I understand the motivation behind this statement but would offer up the likes of Manchester City as an example (off the pitch not on it)! The Eastlands City of Manchester Stadium is owned by the council and is considerably more impressive than the old Maine Road ground that was falling to bits. I imagine that the extended commercial opportunities of moving are worth more than staying put.

Early days, but well done to all so far.

My understanding was that we would own the stadium but not the land it would be built on as it was a gift from ICI to the community.

Is this correct?

Thats a pretty fine stadium that dartford fc have acquired there!

I believe so mate, but the proposal would be the land was on a 99 year lease, as such devaluing to some extent the property built on it. The issue probably is how many people can you sell a football stadium to? Currently we have ‘land’ which is the real value in our present circumstance, but you know all that already!


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