The District Association have informed us that the Final must be played before Thursday May 5th and the drawn venue is the Victoria Stadium with Vics therefore the home club.<br><br>However if the required ground certificates are not obtained then they want the match played at Wincham Park with Witton as the home team.<br><br>We had already approached Northwich before last week-end and suggested the match be played on Bank Holiday Monday - May 2nd so the ball is firmly in their court on both counts.

So, at WP it is then.

Sorry I think its Cr*p should be played as a pre-season "friendly" next season. I sometimes wonder what the local FA officials are on/ [smiley=ranting.gif]

WP is not available on May 2nd

ME. Correct me if i’am wrong but isn’t this the mid cheshire cup of 2004-2005. If it is then why should it be played as a pre season friendly for the 2005- 2006 season.

also is there any idea of what time the kick off will be ie afternoon or evening

not sure im reading it right but why would we want it as a friendly next year? its the cup final of a cup this year, if we didnt want to be in it then why do we bother? dnt think a premiership side would forefiet the FA cup final because they felt they had too many games to play ???<br><br>p.s i could tell u wot we at the FA are on, but id get in trouble! :wink:

Remember, Last seasons final was held over until August, just prior to the start of this season = pre-season.<br>I dont think the clubs have any option and have to enter it. Correct me if Im wrong Chad.

Just a comment, as I daren’t say anything more at this stage.<br><br>Ourselves, Vics and Winsford are obliged to enter this competition. All other teams are invited

Does anyone else have this kind of Mickey Mouse competition. I mean we’all have County Cup fair enough but why doesn’t only seem to be us burdened with this joke of a cup?