Mike Moseley 100 Not Out

Belated congratulations to Mike on his hundreth goal for the Albion [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>Looking at the stats page for this season, he has scored 17 out of 31 Albion goals this season.<br><br>I was just wondering if anyone (Chad?) knows how many goals the team as a whole has scored since Mike got his first for us? <br><br>Also who is the second top scorer in that time?<br><br>I believe one of the other ‘centurians’ is Chalky White, who played in midfield. I know he played quite a few seasons (can’t remember whether he took many penalties or not) , but a midfielder who could chip in with say 10 goals a season would be a godsend right now!!

Second top scorer in Mike’s three and a half years at the club is Carl Rendell with 43 goals in two seasons. After that there are four other players with double figures (Pritch, Si Burton, Carl Frost and Darrell Dicken) in the same period and a few just short of that-Craig Sargeson from the current side has nine.<br><br>I’m not sad enough ::slight_smile: to add them all up though!

??? On a similar vein, how many goals did Karl Thomas score for us during his spell(s) with the Albion?

Fantastic achievement by Micky!!! ;D

Pete <br><br>Chad is away for a couple of weeks hence his lack of response.<br><br>I was wondering a similar thing.<br><br>A figure of 117 sticks in my mind but I can’t remember whether it was before his 2nd spell or after it. Either way he only got around 10-15 I think before he was sold before xmas.<br>If I remember correctly he didn’t score in his rather short 3rd spell.

For some reason Karl’s details were omitted from my article in the Farsley prog. The maestro scored 116 goals in 195 matches so MM’s well on the way to possibly overtaking him this season now with 103 in 167 apps.

Looks like you’ll only have memories of MM once he decides to step up in class and play in the conference