Mike Turner

Heard about the explosion in Doha, hope Mike is okay as I haven’t seen any posting today, has anyone heard from him?

Hadn’t heard about that. Hope your ok Mike. Please let us no m8!!! :-[

Mike was online about an hour and a half ago.

Would take more than that to stop our Mike

For a moment then Rob I thought we had signed the striker back aka Mike Turner the player!<br><br>Seriously though yeh I saw the news and immediatley thought about our Doha branch.

Thanks for the concern. I’m fine, but a neighbour and colleague was involved. She isn’t hurt but very shaken, she was in the theatre as she was working behind the scenes, fortunately at the far end from where the bomb was. The building didn’t collapse straight away and she got out. The director of the play, who she knew well, was killed. She’s lost all her credit and id cards and a fair bit of cash, and we think her car will have been destroyed, but the area is sealed off so we can’t find out for sure. Had to get over there last night to pick her up. It was very fortunate that there were not a lot more casualties as the bomb was timed to go off during the interval when the refreshment area it was near would have been packed, but luckily the play was not running to schedule.<br>Qatar is a very safe place, virtually no crime, everybody very friendly, but unfortunately nothing can stop some nutters blowing up innocent people, it could have happened anywhere.<br>Will be back this Friday for a fortnight, so will catch a couple of games. See you all then.

Great to here that your safe and well Mike. Make sure you bring your wallet with you-Its your round!!!<br>

I know it’s my round, it can’t be yours, you bought one 5 years ago [smiley=icon_cust_beer.gif] [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]

Good news Mike & see you down the Park soon.