Minutes Silence

Just an observation from the minutes silence at the beginning of the game.<br>I thought it a bit disappointing to still hear turnstiles clicking round after the referee had blown to start the minute and to see a photographer marching from the halfway line round the edge of the pitch in total disrespect when he could of stood his ground. <br>Trivial possibly, but I thought it worthy of a mention when everyone else observed it impeccably.

Couldn’t hear the turnstiles being stood by the press box and thought it was very well honoured.

I absolutely agree Tony.<br><br>It’s not difficult to stand still for a minute and pay your respect to all those who lost their lives and those who are in much less fortunate situations tahn ourselves.

A good point Tony, unsure if the turnstile people with their doors closed heared the whistle. (poor excuse I know) but I could hear the photographers feet squishing in the mud from about 25 yards away as he strolled down the touchline with everyone else stood in silence. <br>He was hardly going to miss anything was he in his urgency to get behind the goal.

Just to add we could hear in the centre circle a guy sitting in the stand telling a load of kids to get out of their seats (just to the left of the tunnel) and stand up and pay their respects as well as see the photographer marching past the dugouts! Bizarre