'Mixed Nuts Comedy Night' 21st December...

This saturday sees the first ever ‘mixed nuts’ at Witton Albion…

There a still some tickets available. You can buy them at www.roaring-laughter.co.uk or by calling me on 07515265300. Alternatively you can mail us on tickets@roaring-laughter.co.uk

Just so everyone is clear, the £10 deal for wittoners is ONLY for early tickets. ALL tickets on the door will be £15 so get yours now!!

After seeing the videos, I may be gettin Matt Cat to do a live pa of kelly lorena’s ‘Tell it to my heart’…



here is the other poster…

I will sing for you Noel but I would insist on my own dressing room with a fridge full of fine wines and doughnuts!
Matt Cat B)

Dont forget Wittoner’s who pre- purchase tickets get a further £2 discount making them great value at £10.
Tickets are available from the Club Thurs 10am until 2pm and Saturday 12 midday until 5pm.
It is £15 on the door irrespective of who you are.

Top, Top night, so nice to hear so much laughter in the club.

Agreed top night, would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Agreed Andy, even you laughed, “Last of the Summer Wine” classic, can’t wait for the next one in Jan, well done Noel B)