More players set to leave!!

Leek have put 7 days in for Bryan Pritchard and I understand he wants to go- more money been offered. Also understand Mike Moseley is on the brink of going after being tapped up by Conf North club, yet more evidence of the lack of ambition I’m afraid, Mr Mellor I’m begining to believe your correct unfortunately!

most humerous vics fan posting yet<br><br> :D<br><br>nice 1

That is quality!! [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]

All the best Brian - your definately not having that shirt now!

Mike Moseley is under contract so he can’t leave unless the Club agrees, and yes Leek have put in seven days for Brian Pritchard, everyone connected with the club hopes he doesn’t leave, he has been a loyal and tremendous servant to Witton Albion

I think all Witton fans would echo Robs comments about Pritch!!<br><br>One other point, I thought that when we agreed to release Daryl Dicken to Leek, they had agreed not to approach any more of our players. <br><br>Have they broken that agreement, or was there a time limit on it?

Approach for Pritch is all above board - 28 days must elasp between approaches by club A on Club B<br><br>Lee Madin has now been released as he wants regular football and Colwyn Bay have offered him terms. I’d like personally to thank Lee for his great attitude and banter during his spell here and wish him all the best for the future.

Shame Mado has gone, thought he was a very good part of the squad<br><br>all the best Lee

Indeed it is a shame to see him go.<br><br>However, I guess this leaves room for more players in. On Saturday’s showing, much needed players in.<br>

Once again Mr Mellor you think you know it all but sadly know very little.<br><br>1. Hosting an International next week, if our ground is not good enough then why do we get asked to stage the match<br><br>2. Hosting the Cheshire Senior Cup Final, again if our facilities are so poor then why do the Cheshire FA invite WAFC to stage the game<br><br>3. We have invested heavily in the football team, the highest wage bill for several years. Sadly the results have not gone in our favour and gates have dropped. <br><br>4. We are marketing the facilities for all sorts of events, you may pull your nose up, but even you must agree it is better a facility being open, used and paid for rather than being closed up.<br><br>5. Vics money has been used to clear much of our outstanding debt, I would imagine there would be a lot of Club’s who would like our current financial situation - Stafford Rangers springs to mind.<br><br>6. Negotiations are taking place about increased revenue next season<br><br>So it is not all doom and gloom as you like to portray, as to the Director’s waking up, well they are wide awake and wont success for WAFC. But not at any price.<br><br>I do note with interest that you have not taken me up on my offer to meet on a face to face basis without hiding behind a name.

Mr Mellor you forgot to mention the state of the car park<br><br>Every time you come on the site its the same old rubbish, promting the same old response, how many times does this have to be gone over? i think Robs response above this covers everything<br><br>Moron

If the manager and his players aren’t good enough, and I quote Mr Mellor, why is it a bad thing if they leave?<br><br> ??? ???

I am new to the internet and have only discovered how to operate the message board today. You will no doubt be hearing a lot more from me in the coming months but I digress. <br><br>My point was that I believe the club are looking to realease Pritch and a n other defender with a view to bringing in a defender from nconf nrth? Any evidence to the contrary or anyone have any thought on this?? ??? ???

Re: Leek’s approach for B.P.<br><br>I find this rather strange, as, when Leek’s manager showed an interest (more than an interest) in the WAFC vacancy, post JD, it was announced that BP wouldn’t be part of his future plans!!<br><br>GE<br>

mr mellor said,I’ve been labelled a Vics supporter for just telling it as it is. No problem, I’ll take everything that is chucked at me.<br><br>said with a greenscarf, wrapped round your neck.<br>