Nani Goal !

Lesson for all young footballers -always play to the whistle ! Trust all you pitchside dads will be passing this on to your budding stars !

There’ll be 2 schools of thought on this.
Those who think it’s a perfectly good goal (Man Utd supporters).
Those who think it shouldn’t have been allowed (all the rest of the football world).
Certain commentators got carried away (TalkSport) saying Utd won in controversial circumstances.
In fact they won 2-0 in controversial circumstances but would have won 1-0 anyway.

I agree with you Dodger for the most part. Whilst Nani has been perhaps opportunist at best in putting the ball in the net, some of us may consider it was blatant cheating following an obvious handball. In my view because it was clear there was no advantage to Spurs in playing on, the referee should have given the handball offence and booked Nani.

One question - Would it have stood if it had been the other way round - not a chance!

In the same way Clattenburg was hoodwinked by Utd when Mendes scored he was hoodwinked again by that honest Portugese lad Nani!

That withstanding United should have won 1 nil and Spurs would have had no complaints!

Harry has told his wife " no more brazilians ":wink:

I have no real argument against the goal itself but I would like to ask why the Spurs players were told to go away by the Ref but Rio Ferdinand, who is not even the United captain, was allowed to have his say while the Ref and Linesman were having their PRIVATE discussion?