Nantwich Town vs. Witton Albion

Latest Score: NANTWICH TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 1.<br><br>Mike Moseley.

Latest Score: NANTWICH TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 2.<br><br>Mike Moseley.

Latest Score: NANTWICH TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 3.<br><br>Mark Jones.


Latest Score: NANTWICH TOWN 0 WITTON ALBION 4.<br><br>Carl Frost.


Comfortable game, never in any doubt.<br><br>Looked good in patches on a hard bobbly pitch.<br><br>New faces on show being a right back from Crewe (forgot his name) and Chris Smith at left back being from Stafford.<br><br>Whalley looked impressive again as did Brown in midfield.<br><br>Not much else too it - thank god we don’t have trees at Witton, feel like I’ve been bitten to death!

Well done to all concerned. A good pick-me-up after Saturday (if one were needed).

Ooops and I almost forgot to mention that Accy pasted the other lot last night. How sad.

A very good performance, played a lot of good midfield football, I thought whalley and mark jones were the stars, some of the new boys/triallists are going to struggle to get in the team , cant see the back four of last season being disturbed by the new signing, eg hockenhull, pritch, spearrit and brownhill, midfield looks sharp, think this will be 4 from 5 eg peers & whalley on the wings, with connors jones brown battling for the middle, up front can only see mossley and frost ? would like to see another option as well ? only disspointments for me so far have been ghagan & barrass who have strangely not looked up to the mark at all yet, would be good to hear other opinions on performances so far. :slight_smile:

For you stats freaks - yep like me!<br><br>Team Read:-<br><br>Jon Worsnop - (nb A Witton Contracted player nb NOT GUISELEY)<br>Alistair Brown (he’s played all 3 games Neil)<br>Danny Smith (Trialist ex Stafford)<br>Tom Spearritt<br>Keiron Haughton<br>Sean Whalley<br>Mark Jones (Goal 29 mins)<br>Alex Brown<br>Mike Moseley (Goals 3mins & 24 mins)<br>Carl Frost (Goal 54 mins)<br>Chris Gaghan<br><br>Subs all used<br><br>Brian Pritchard (H/T for Tom Spearritt)<br>Liam Brownhill (56 mins for Danny Smith)<br>Tony Barrass (58 mins for Mike Moseley)<br>Darren Hockenhull (58 mins for Carl Frost)<br>Adam Foy (75 mins for Chris Gaghan)<br><br>So Big Plus Marks - The returns of both Tom Spearitt & Adam Foy<br><br>Strange 58th minute Double Substitution - But they worked when Haughton went centre-forward alongside Whalley, so maybe a useful option to have.<br><br>Mark Jones certainly had a terrific game and his goal was a peach of a header coming in at the back of the defence to meet Whalley’s brilliant cross. Also both of Mike’s goals came from Whalley’s passes. What a pity though that SW will sit out the first 4 competitive matches following his s/o at Gateshead last season. However does give the likes of MJ the chance to stake a claim. Afraid I have to agree that Chris Gaghan has still to repeat last season’s loan spell form.