New forum and website upgrade

Welcome to the new look Albion Boardroom. I’ve transferred all messages from the old forum, but have some work to do with the theme which I’ll have a go at later today. All existing members should have been transferred over and existing passwords should work.

The whole site has been transferred to a new server, there may be some delays today while the name server information propagates around the web.

Everything should be completely back to normal by Monday.

Excellent lay out.Could have done with a hint of red.[color=red]
Fantastic! ;D

Working on the colour scheme and layout at the moment. You’ll end up with a personal choice of colour and layout!

Have to admit i had a surprise wen i logged onto the forum but must admit it looks good!! ;D

As an "old fogey" I don’t normally like change but this looks great.

well done turk keep up the good work 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Great job Mike, and as previously mentioned whatever the club does website wise (6months and counting!) we need to keep this by the supporters for the supporters.

The forum looks like it has moved in modern times. Good Job Mike!

Could we increase the forum popularity (and the name of Witton Albion) by adding more categories for people to post threads in? alot of soccer forums have a pub section for all things humourous, whether that be vid clips or jpegs or the latest jokes?.

Just a thought, but it might attract more users.