New Ground

The idea that Witton will try to move to Moss Farm will be met by a very hostile reception from local residents, I have this on very good authority. However I have a suggestion for the Board at Witton. Why not contact Winnington Park Rugby Club and offer a ground share idea to them? They have a 98 year lease on their present site and are not under Council control. It works for Sale Sharks Rugby Club and Stockport County, why not Winnington Rugby Club and Witton Albion? There is ample land for a superb stadium and the minor sides could be easily catered for locally, even at Moss Farm. Come to think of it, a link up between Northwch Rugby Club and Winnington Rugby Club, plus a ground share with Witton Albion would make the whole thing a very powerful outfit indeed.

Northwich rugby club have a very big invester interested at the moment who wants to develope big things at moss farm, they already have permission to develope the playing side of things ie floodlights etc the stumbling block is the council don’t wish to relinquish control of the income at moss farm ie the baths and bars hence the story in the paper this week about the two rugby clubs using winnington park.

In theory i don’t think it’s a bad idea. Nothing wrong with at least contacting the rugby teams just to get some dialogue going. It halves the costs, and would mean a decent quality stadium.

I’ve heard the rumours about us moving again and obviously Mr Worthington will let the shareholders know if anything is coming to fruition as he plays everything by the book. A lot hinges on the Wincham Urban village scheme which I know a lot of people would prefer to the Wallerscote one. The prime concern here is to have a plan in place well before we move should we get what everyone thinks is a good offer for our ground. I think the idea of turning our club into a pub once an estate is built around it is a sound business idea as this will mean regular income for the club. As for Moss Farm I’ve heard that one. As I live overlooking Moss Farm I can tell you that Northwich Cricket Club is brilliant and are obviously moving up the leagues and they have a great set up with kids regularly practising there. A development by Witton down there would meet with some hostility from the locals and would have to be handled with kid gloves. It would obviously have to be put forward as an advantage for the community so they could use any of the facilities and of course this would bring in some income for the Albion and Rugby clubs. While I think the ground share with the rugby is worth investigating I just wonder if its feasible given that the Rugby club will have more than one team, though I guess the field on the opposite side of Burrows Hill could be developed for the rugby reserve and youth teams and there is the enclosed pitch on Moss Farm which might be utilised more. Yep I think is worthy of more thought and opening up talks with the two Rugby club won’t do any harm. If we do move we need to get it right this time and ensure the infrastructure is in place that makes the Albion money and almost self financing. We also need to make sure we get the RIGHT deal when we sell which has got to be to a housing Builder rather than a industrial builder. In short everything has to be right for Witton this time and we need to manage this better and learn from the mistakes made last time. Personally I like the look of the land off Middlewich road which is quite close to town and is not far from where we originally played when we started off but if it is Moss Farm or Wincham (But not theVictoria Stadium unless we buy it), or Lostock , Rudheath, By the bypass or wherever I’ll still be watching us play in Red and White stripes but can we go back to the black shorts please! I’m sure Mike W knows what he’s doing and that he will keep shareholders informed of any progress but its important we all keep going and not sit around complacent that this might happen. Lets keep up what we are doing now both fundraising wise and football management wise. On a further note could I just say that we all know Jim Vince is doing a great job but lets have a special mention for Benny Phillips. He’s doing a good job on 2 fronts football, and the commercial side and everytime I talk to him he’ll always have a laugh and share a joke and talk about the football, and he does’nt jump down my throat when I mention other players I’ve seen or read about that might interest us.

Personally, being one of the younger bunch of supporters at witton all i have known is wincham park! i cant see any motive at all in moving away from wincham park! It will only cost money from what i can see. But if it does come around that we do end up moving away i think the idea of sharing with a rugby club just like sale sharks and stockport county woulld be a good idea as costs would definately be spread and therefore would cost witton less which can only be good!! I also think that if we move away the idea of turning wincham park into a pub so the wincham housing development can benefit is also very good idea!! Either way whatever i will be right behind witton!! Come on Witton!!