New reserve Team Manager!!

Who do you think the new reserve team manager should be?? please post your comments

Someone who can find,develop and promote good youth players to senior team level, whilst recognising they are there to serve essentially the 1st team, and if all the above is good then hopefully also compete for the mid cheshire league again playin the Witton way eg good attractive passing football.<br>Ritchie you obviously know something why keep us in suspense ? it could be anyone from the past still involved in football karl Thomas for example or an ex player wanting to start on the mgr trail. [smiley=dunno.gif]

c.j i know myself who the major favourite for this job is. When word does come out of the new manager i am sure that you will be very pleased with the decision. I will give you a clue though. He is a well known man who has played in the Premiership and also had a very short spell at Witton.

is it geoff horsefield?

Like 40 matches for the Albs???

I think the delay in announcing the new manager can only lead us to one man, it is a manager who is working at the moment but very soon will be looking for a club, !!! Lets hope he is still in work on the 9th July…

No its not geoff horsefield. He played forwitton albionfor a couple of seasons in the latter stagesof his career. Kepp tryin ;D

Mike Whitlow ??

Not Mike he played at the start of his career and I was talking to him the other day he’s very happy as coach at Notts County

tord grip

Adam Farley ???

no no no, keep guessing!

Ex Coventry amongst others. His 40 games, mentioned earlier, played either side of the Millenium.


Richie, i suspect that you are as much in the dark as the rest of us, however we will continue to play your little game so i will suggest, Alan Curbishley !!!

I didn’t realise this forum was a for a quiz, richie you must lead a sad life.

Now sure its peter billinge, but I dont think hes favourite just one of several interested parties who need to be interviewed by the club.

At least he has got a few people posting, creating a little interest, can’t remember the last time you did that Rob

It could be Pip Wright!!<br><br>He performed in the Premiership and used to be at Witton.<br><br>GE<br>

Wouldn’t hesitate to post if something needed stirring up, and I would do it in my own name!!