New signing today

Jim as signed ROB LLOYD from Crewe today on a 1 month loan spell and he can play in the FA Cup on Saturday,<br>So we need more people to donate towards the budget please<br>What a great signing this is

Great news FANTASTIC ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Fantastic news.<br><br>As I’ve said earlier I hope this is supported by the fans. I know I sound like Len and Andy but they do need the support to keep this team together.<br><br>I’m just wondering exactly where all these people are going to play!

Excellent, out of Rob and Nicky Maynard last season I thought Rob was the better player but hey what do I know!

Fantastic news.

On teletext today, it says that Rob Lloyd has rejoined us for another month.

Yes he as Derek, he went back to Crewe and played in the CSC, and as now rejoined us for another month

I hope Jim doesn’t just give him a place in the starting line up, not as we’re playing fairly well at the moment.

I agree, good player that he is he didn;t st the world alight over the last month. Keep the team as it is, and put him in if needed. But what a player to have on the bench!

Might need him, no one has mentioned the fact Connors hobbled off against Fleetwood any news on his injury?

He was outstanding for us last season, just hope the last month has been as much a case of getting his fitness back as anything else.

Quite agree Andy he is a Quality player. Makes a change having Quality instead of the Allsorts we’ve had for many years. Im sure Jim and Benny will have plenty to chew over before picking the team.

Also yesterday on teletext, Dario mentioned another one from the production line at Gresty Road was a possibility of being loaned out. Shaun Miller, an 18 year old and in the same paragraph, Witton Albion’s name was mentioned again.<br><br>No idea if anything is planned on that but it was interesting.

Any news on Kennedy?<br>WHS

WHS I posted somewhere else that he said he should be fine for Saturday - could be out strongest fit squad all season this weekend!