New Songs

I was given the almost impossible task of thinking up an anti-vics song to the tune of amarillo by Chaz and Robbo on Saturday, on the back of my previous hits. Unfortunately, I have writers block, despite running round at football yesterday trying to think of something.

Any suggestions?

Or any other new songs in general?

Here’s a suggestion Greenie, GET A NEW NICKNAME!!! :wink:

Poor lad, fancy having to go through life with that monica.

As for songs, "If I had the wings of a sparrow…" although not new, always goes down very well.

Greenie by name Greenie by nature. For those who don’t already know, the young man is a newly converted ex Vics fan!!

He’s seen the light!! (the light had previously been obsurred by Stu’s extra large torso, but small p?nis ‘in relation to his general size’).

Is this the way to bankruptcy court
Connett’s not as rich as you all thought
He’ll send you bust and never get caught
And Albion you’ll never beat

La la la la la la la fk Vics
La la la la la la la f
k Vics
La la la la la la la
An Albion you’ll never beat

OK its a work in progress, so improve it!!!

Very impressive…

Soz Greenie, just havin’ a chuckle. Perhaps the boys need to come up with a new name for you then. I’m sure the suggestions will not be in short supply.

You know, something nice and catchy, like "WozonceascummerbutnowaRedie!"

Good song Robbo, I’m sure a little fine tuning will create a classic.

I’m sure they’ll think of something…

how about ‘they scored eight times’

Haha!!! it would be funny, but unfortunately very few vics fans will see it…


mike connet is a red
is a red
is a red
mike connet is a red
he hates northwich…

or to the tune of ‘wot the f’en hell was that’:-
wots it like to rent a ground
wots it like to rent a ground
from your chairman
from your chairman
wots it like to rent a ground…

or when they do:
zigga zagga n’ich vics…
zigga zagga zigga zagga f** pr**ks…

ha ha

Just to clear a few issues up, here are the new songs;

He’s got a BENT toe, he’s got a bent toe,
Michael Moseley, he’s got a bent toe

We’ve got a right back called Tom Spearritt,
Put him in a tackle he’ll always win it,
Offer him a fight he’ll always sh1t it,
We’ve got a right back called Tom Spearritt

Liam Brownhill is a girl, is a girl, is a girl.
Liam Brownhill is a girl, He wears ear-rings

Bri Pritchard Pritchard
They love him at Scotland Yard
He’s big and he’s f**king hard
Bri Pritchard Pritchard

And a new one to the tune of F**k Off Chelsea FC;

F**k Off Northwich FC, You wont sign our Stevie C,
5 Yellow Cards and a 1 match ban,
Steve Connors is a Witton man!

what about the JK song…??

just for you Ched…

You are my JK, my only JK,
You keep those strikers all at bay,
Crosses you’re catching, when they’re attacking,
Oh please don’t take my JK away

I think Andrew Lloyd Webber will be in touch with Robbo soon…

I wonder if any of his best work was written on a Magners fuelled night out in Wilmslow/Winsford…

I have to say I am glad the quality of our football team is a little better than the poetry on this site!!! "We’re Red, we’re White, we’re flaming Dynamite" has a nice ring to it.

tried to get a new song goin in barn owl tonight! 8) (bear in mind we were all leathered!!)

F**k off northwich FC
Keep your hands off Jim and Benny
When you sack Steve Burr
At the end of the year

cant think of an ending

How bout

Connett takes it up the rear??!!! or
Unibond,you’ll be there next year!

Help us out!! Come on robbo,you could finish this off!!

Robbo!!! you have forgotten the best song we have produced to date. How dare you…

"have you seen the t1ts on Stu Jones,
he’ll get them out and let you have a play,
and if you give him just a kebab,
he will let you go all the way"

We really need to revoke Yox’s membership to this forum… Or keep him out of the pub!! What’s Amy going to say when you spend all your future rent money on ale?!?

My contribution:
Rob Lloyd is fckin’ magic,
He wears a magic hat,
And when he saw Wincham Park,
He said I fancy that,
He didn’t sign for Barrow,
Or Northwich 'coz they’re sh
He signed for Witton Albion,
‘Coz were f*ckin’ dynamite.