New Stricker

Been told today that we have put in a bid for a Conference North striker. I have been told who he is but don’t want to say much more yet, looking at his record he has been used mainly as a sub with his current team and asking a supporter of his team he says he makes a big difference when he comes on but not sure about him as a 90 minute player, one slight drawback for me so far is he is only 5’ 7" once again not sure if that would be a good foil for MM but who knows…watch this space

Lee Mulvaney? Heard he has been transfer listed by Southport and he is a good striker.

yep, believe Runcorn, Witton, and Ashton all have bids in on him and are just waiting for him to make up his mind!<br><br>Glad to see Mike Moseley is still banging in the goals for you, cant believe he has 100 already, thats some going!!! :slight_smile: