new striker

Just read about the the new signing Lee Spike. Has he come in to replace MM or to play along side him?

No one will be replacing MM. (By the way which MM do you mean now that we have M Mellon?). Lee Spike is an addition to the squad.<br><br>GE<br>

To further explain this. We have today released Simon Burton as Warrington Town want to sign him.

Chad 4 future reference MM shall Mike Moseley and mm shall be Micky Mellon

personally very dissapointed bertie has left, IMO he gave us something different when played up front, wasnt a target man despite his size but had a very good touch <br><br>think people should look back to the days when he scored for fun, four in one game i seem to remember?<br><br>hasnt featured enough, and used in the wrong places this season though, will be missed

Si burton in my opinion is a quality. One goal every three games is a good ratio for any stricker. Simmo the four goals in one game was in the fa cup i think was it neston last season?

Stuck 3 or 4 in against Rossendale in the league during a 5-0 win & 4 against Nelson in the FA Cup.

I was nearly right !

Sorry disagree, smashing bloke, but not good enough best of luck at Warrington though.