new years day ?

anyone know the reason why there are no unibond fixtures, except 2, for today.<br><br>boxing day and new years day fixtures usually bring ?the biggest gates. [smiley=dunno.gif]

A very good question. We could of done with a game today, especially as we are facing a fixure back-log.

At the start of the season all clubs are asked if they want to play on New Year’s Day. The Board and the Manager didn’t want to.<br><br>GE<br>

Spoil Sports Im going to the Vics

See you there!<br>Just hope it doesn’t pour down!

[quote]Spoil Sports Im going to the Vics [/quote]<br>What you going there for??<br>Hope you jump over the fence and dont give them any money!!

looking at the weather, a very good decision.<br><br>me and neil, i will keep your usual seats for you, but be early. :P<br>