Cos I’ve got some news - as always I thought I’d share them with you:<br><br>1. Witton Albion have appointed a new Football Secretary on Monday night at the Board meeting. I know him quite well - it’s Graham Edgeley. <br>I am being ably supported as Matchday Secretary by Peter Riley (and if absent, Neil Wilson). My thanks, in advance,to both for their assistance. [smiley=banane.gif]<br><br>2. Witton Albion have been drawn at home to Warrington Town to be played w/c 12.09.05 in the Cheshire Senior Cup. <br><br>3. The fixtures are out on 8 July. The play-offs are on 1 May with the Final on 6 May 2006.<br><br>4. Training commences on 30 June 2005.<br><br>5. Midweek home matches will be on Tuesday nights.<br><br>6. No player news yet.<br><br>7. Whilst I’ve got everybody’s attention - there are plenty of jobs to be done in the close season. Ring Gordon Knop (see phonebook) for dates - a working party is on site today (Tuesday) morning.<br><br>8. I will keep you all posted of news as I get it. <br><br>G E (F.S!)<br><br>3.

Congratulations on your appointment. <br><br>Hopefully you can find a willing replacement for your matchday/fundraising role.<br><br>Great to have first hand info from the club posted on here again - unlike a certain other mid-cheshire club I could mention but won’t!<br><br>

All the very best in your new position Graham. I’m absolutely delighted for you and I feel sure that you will never be short of support from all connected to our great club.

Well done GE you can count on my full support you have some big shoes to fill but if anyone can I’m sure you can… Is it just me or is there just a hint of irony that it was mentioned Pete Riley will be helping Graham out?

Bang on Jac!<br><br>It just shows that no matter how you treat a true Wittoner they have tha ability to forgive.<br><br>The way Pete has been treated over the last 6 months by some of the hierarchy is nothing short of disgusting.<br><br>Good luck GE, Pete and Neil.<br>