Next seasons league....

Well we arent quite there yet but we have a good idea of the make up of next seasons Premier division:<br><br>WE have lost Spennymoor (gutted) and Bridlington and Bamber for sure being replaced by Ferriby, Ilkeston, Willenhall or Telford which will be nice! Other places still to be decided of course!<br><br>At the other end we will gain Ashton and Bradford as well as Runcorn or Stalybridge which isnt so bad!

Plus we get a proper Southern League team like Grantham.

Stalybridge beat hucknall tonight - Runcorn relegated.

Akie - Please elaborate on why you reckon Grantham will be in the UniBond League next season?<br><br>

At the beginning of the season Tony Kempster said that a Southern team would be moved north. Dunno if it will be Grantham but that is what it said.<br><br>Tony Kempster’s Unibond Premier League for next year as it stands. Presuming 2nd place win the playoffs.<br><br>Ashton United<br>Blyth Spartans<br>Bradford Park Avenue<br>Burscough<br>Frickley Athletic<br>Gateshead<br>Grantham Town*<br>Guiseley<br>Ilkeston Town<br>Leek Town<br>Lincoln United<br>Marine<br>Matlock Town<br>North Ferriby United<br>Ossett Town<br>Prescot Cables<br>Radcliffe Borough<br>Runcorn Halton<br>Wakefield Emley<br>Whitby Town<br>Witton Albion<br>Workington<br><br>I’m not saying this is necessarily right but thats what it says.

ok Akie.<br><br>having seen Tony’s site then that scenario could possibly occur - It is Tony’s own thoughts, he’s not usually that far wrong - but hey wouldn’t AFC Telford be more attractive though?<br><br>

Very much so. Although Kings Lynn have been put in Grantham’s place early in the season which would be a great prospect cos’ they are the best supported side at Level 3 of the Non-league above even Workington.

:smiley: Congratulations to Workington who have made it to the Conference North following a 6-5 penalty-shoot out in last night’s play-off final at home to Farsley in front of a decent 1,700+ crowd.<br><br>Here’s hoping that the Albion will be joining them in a year’s time.

From the FA website<br><br>Step 3 - Northern Premier League Premier Division<br><br>AFC Telford United [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>Ashton United FC<br>Blyth Spartans FC<br>Bradford Park Avenue FC<br>Burscough FC<br>Farsley Celtic FC<br>Frickley Athletic FC<br>Gateshead FC<br>Guiseley FC<br>Ilkeston Town FC<br>Leek Town FC<br>Lincoln United FC<br>Marine FC<br>Matlock Town FC<br>North Ferriby United FC [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>Ossett Town FC<br>Prescot Cables FC<br>Radcliffe Borough FC<br>Runcorn FC Halton<br>Wakefield & Emley FC<br>Whitby Town FC<br>Witton Albion FC<br><br>

Quite excited about the psrospect of Telford, Ilkeston and local games with Ashton and Runcron as well as Bradford’s usually decent following.<br><br>Potentially a good point too that Stalybridge stayed up - one less big spender challenging for the title maybe?

AFC telford Utd - we are now the best supported non-league side in step 3, in fact all steps below Conf. National…<br><br>Looking forward to it - expect anything up to 1000 of us depending on importancy of game with you next season…<br><br><br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

Glad to see North Ferriby back. Always enjoyed my visits there .

[quote]AFC telford Utd - we are now the best supported non-league side in step 3, in fact all steps below Conf. National…

Looking forward to it - expect anything up to 1000 of us depending on importancy of game with you next season…

[smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif][/quote]<br><br>In fact we had the 14th highest average home attendences this season across the entire non league pyramid which is cool 8)<br><br>I’ve got some pics of our stadium on my website at<br>

::slight_smile: From the Unibond League official website…<br><br>[quote]Rossendale United Win Reprieve As Clubs Vote Against Spennymoor United 24/05/2005

At a special meeting of clubs last night (Monday) Spennymoor United were expelled from membership of the UniBond Northern Premier League. Requiring a 75% majority of votes, the clubs decided that recent events made it difficult to oppose the League Boards recommendation. Spennymoor United did not send any representative to the meeting to present any defence.

The expulsion of Spennymoor United now means that Rossendale United have been reprieved from relegation from the UniBond First Division.

The constitution of the league for 2005/2006, as approved by the FA Leagues Committee, is as follows: -


AFC Telford United; Ashton United; Blyth Spartans; Bradford Park Avenue; Burscough; Farsley Celtic; Frickley Athletic; Gateshead; Guiseley; Ilkeston Town; Leek Town; Lincoln United; Marine; Matlock Town; Nth Ferriby United; Ossett Town; Prescot Cables; Radcliffe Borough; Runcorn FC Halton; Wakefield-Emley; Whitby Town; Witton Albion.


Bamber Bridge; Belper Town; Bishop Auckland; Bridlington Town; Brigg Town; Chorley; Clitheroe; Colwyn Bay; Eastwood Town; Fleetwood Town; Goole; Gresley Rovers; Kendal Town; Kidsgrove Athletic; Mossley; Ossett Albion; Rossendale United; Shepshed Dynamo; Spalding United; Stocksbridge Park Steels; Warrington Town; Woodley Sports.

Willenhall Town from the First Division have now moved to the Southern League West.

The new constitution of clubs will formally be approved at the League?s AGM in Blackpool on the 25th June.


Don’t suppose Spennymoor have the right to appeal against that decision? ::slight_smile:

Should be good for the Telford game- I don’t remember them ever bringing more than a couple of hundred in the Conference days!!!<br><br>Just shows what adversity brings!!!<br><br>Out of interest how many away Telford games last season in the Unibond 1 had crowds of over 1000?<br>

;DIts the close season so what else is there to do BUT answer my own question.<br><br>No doubt about Telford being the best away supported team in UNIBOND 1 last season - The suggestion of 1000 supporters at WP is the same stuff dreamed up by V@cs when they talk of missing 1500 speccies!<br>Attendances as follows<br>Warrington,Mossley,Clitheroe,Kidsgrove 400-500<br>Ossett,Brigg,Stocksbridge,Belper 300-400<br>Woodley 216.<br><br>and their final away game at Rossendale - 1036 (i cant believe that was safe!!!)<br>So to recap looks like an away support on average of between 150-300.<br><br>Also noticed that AFCTU charged 8 quid last season to watch UNIBOND Div 1 football!!! I’m sure that went down well with some of those clubs who winge at paying ?6.50 at WP.<br>

Is anyone getting a bit fed up of Telford keep coming on various forums and going on about their crwods and ground, its getting a tad boring now. They are nearly getting as boring as Farsley !!!

I’m sorry if you find AFCTU posts on your forum boring, but the fact is, AFCTU have a (relatively) big following that takes an interest in what’s going on in their league. By the sheer number of AFCTU fans posting on forums, the subject is bound to appear all too often. Please visit the AFCTU Forum (Bucks Chat) and have your say there. The biggest contributor on the AFCTU forum is a Kendal Supporter and his views are always welcomed. I agree, it is a bit passe of AFCTU fans droning on about the size of their attendances, but the fact is, we are all a bit stunned by the following the club has had since it was reformed. The club is now owned and run by the fans and so we all feel we have more of an affinity with the club than we EVER had before. For example, many hundreds of supporters pay a ?5 per month standing order to the club, this gives them nothing more than the feeling of security that the club wont go bust again! I, and 900 odd others travelled from Telford to Rossendale for a good day out. Rossendale were grateful for the extra revenue and the welcome they gave us was 1st rate. We look forward to visiting your club. We charge ?8 adult entrance to Telford, but this is offset by the fact that kids (u16) get in for a quid. These prices will not change in the coming season and we look forward to you visiting us.

?8!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?<br><br>Unbelieveable. I pay that to get into watch Salford City Reds & they play top flight Rugby League.