Northwich Victoria

Our tenants Northwich Victoria have failed with their appeal to remain in the North West Counties League and be placed in the Midlands League Premier Division.

Winsford United however, were successful in their appeal.

On Winsford’s twitter page it says they’ve been unsuccessful.

I missread it. They’ve asked to be relegated one division to North West Counties League Division One in order to save the club.

I think it’s very sad that both local clubs find themselves in the midlands section of the NORTH-WEST Counties League with this appalling decision by the FA. Witton & 1874 should be thankful that they are members of the NPL and not having to consider the extra costs involved in travelling to the midlands every other week.
It could be the end of WUFC & NVFC and their respective histories.

Thats the problem of the unbalanced Pyramid

Winsford are, subject to approval in the more midland centric division of the North West Counties. Vics will be in the Midlands League which has nothing to do with the North West Counties. It’s really unfortunate for both clubs and it looks like all Cheshire clubs could be vulnerable to being moved in future. My question though as insensitive as it might be right now is will we get our rent on time okay?It’s okay having sympathy, but at the end of the day we’ve got to think of ourselves first haven’t we.

Income may be reduced a bit ie less games but I’m sure it will remain a no pay no play scenario.

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It has been announced that Winsford’s request for relegation has been approved so they will play in the North West Counties League Division One next season.

It could create other issues should they win promotion as that may not be permitted.

They won’t be eligible for promotion until the end of the following season and won’t be eligible for the play/offs until then either. Unfortunately should they then win promotion they may be allocated a Midland League place rather than NWCFL at Step 5.