Northwich Victoria

8-0 to the Seagulls. Thought you lads might enjoy that. I know we did [smiley=cheezy.gif]

Oh yes!!! [smiley=banane.gif]

Congratulations to Brighton for administering the regal stuffing that was so richly deserved! Hope you go on to win the Cup!

Pretty decent of a brighton fan to come on here helping us wind the green n white sh1te up!!<br><br>We need get a dvd of the game and show it in the club!!!

they scored eight times,<br>they scored eight times, <br>against northwich they scored eight times.

More concerned with the health of Jon Kennedy than worrying about the rubbish across the canal. Anyone know how the lad is?<br>WHS

Alan:<br><br>I’ve not heard officially today how JK is - his stomach was in a st8 yesterday. I’ve not had Jim on to sign a replacement so no doubt JK will keep the da8 on Tuesday, he’ll not be la8 although he may need his m8 Connors again.<br>Hope he doesn’t need to deleg8 any duties however and we can get 3 points.<br><br>Just noticed Vics’ lights on again - that’s the 8th day running - they must be a bit Bright on the far side, probably over 8 kwh each.<br><br>Enough of this fun - have just 8 my tea so a bit full. <br><br>Good of them to put Northwich on the football map - just embarrassing to say I live here now. Gr8.<br><br>!!!<br>

Dear G. E. <br>This sarcasm does not suit you and I 8 to see you doing it.<br>WHS

:-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

Any truth in the rumours Ben Connet is joining w8 watchers?<br>Does make you chuckle doesn’t it!

Judging by the time of your post Neil, and the fact it contains humour much sharper than we’d normally associate with your good self, is it wide of the mark to suggested you’d just rolled in from a night on the babycham??<br><br> ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

relive the magic moments all over again goto<br> [smiley=cheezy.gif]

I was infact on mineral water that night Robbo - just don’t tell steve (its not normal that)<br><br>I’m sure I’ll be welcomed on the coach with a babysham and lucozade on the way to Stamford however!

Aw bless! I’m glad we’ve provided some entertainment for you, you’re not normally used to it are you?! :P<br><br>See you in the next round of the Cheshire Cup ;D

there getting desperate ;D last night they sent tricky the cat carol singing around kingsmead

How come they are called the "Trickies" they used to play on a mud heap and hoofed the ball forward at every opportunity. It might be because it is "trickie" to see how they can survive much longer.<br>WHS.

Tricky was seen at Northwich Infirmary this afternoon having his arm put in a sling then posing for photographs with staff.

WHS, no idea where Trickies came from because I remember US being the trickies when I was a boy so I guess the answer is they stole it!

I think CHAD can answer you this question

Grr!!! Tricky obviously has a sense of humour. My wife works in the Infirmary and when he appoached her for some kind of donation she told him no way as husband and son were Witton supporters. She said Tricky then chased her round the Infirmary all in jest of course. Think she actually enjoyed it anyway as its years since I last chased her. I get out of breath after two yards these days. I’m even thinking of paying Jim a reasonable weekly fee and going training with the lads to try and get a bit fitter. If I did is our lovely lady Physio qualified to bring me back to life when I have a heart attack?? Can’t wait for Boxing Day just hope the lads are up for it as Leek have a habit of bringing out the worst in us!!