Now come on, you're not having that are you?

I note with interest the vics disgusting attitude to Wincham Park on their crappy forum.<br><br>Now that Burr has gone and raised everyone’s hopes by saying the 2 sided VS will be open soon (they said that 2 years ago) the Vics fans have dissed your place badly, saying glad to be back of it, no cover, disgrace to the conference etc etc etc.<br><br>Where would Vics have played their excuse for football had wittton said no to them? where is the gratitude for keeping their shambles of a club in existence long enough to make a start on sorting out their shambolic affairs?<br><br>Wincham Park is a ground of it’s time, and at the time it was way ahead of the Swillfield and many others and is not the worst ground in the Conference by a long chalk. And at least it’s got more than 2 sides!! When you think about it, as the danebank was only shifted a few miles, it’s taken all this time to build one stand and sow some grass seed! (and they couldn’t even finish that!).<br><br>Since they are so ungrateful and are now gloating about moving into their new shiney VS (temp changing rooms included) next week by the sounds of it, why not kick them out now…and see how they like that?<br><br>And give that buffoon Victorian some more stick…he deserves it the pompous old wind bag! Can’t wait to get vics down to Moss Lane next season and give the conceited know it all a good kicking! He wont know what’s hit him (well he will, it’ll be me).<br><br>I’m also confused as to why the 1,000 stay away Vics fans will actually travel 500 yards further to the VS when they wont travel to WP…ideas anyone???

The 1,000 extra fans have disappeared like ours did at least 10 years ago if not more. Whenever they moan about WP I just say ‘Why don’t you go play somewhere else?’ which tends to end the thread very quickly. They will be an average conference north team next year like Leigh RMI.<br><br> Even if they move Jezza there is a clause in the the contract saying that if they leave before the end of the season to the VS they still have to pay us half the rent for every home game they will play away from WP.

witton never lost or had 1000 fans 10 years ago, the best average they had was around 800 for one seaosn only, the reason why theyv’e lost afew hundered is two relegations and the pathetic level they play at. NVFC averaged well over 1000 for 5 years in succession prior to the forced departure from the DF and that without the better away support nowadays in the conference, the reason why we’ve lost around 500 is moving to WP, the number one club in Cheshire will soon be re-united with it’s fans and next season in the conf will see around 1400 at the VS on a regular basis. It is clear from stats that over the last 8 years NVFC treble wittons gates and double alty’s and next season will see NVFC averaging more tha witton and alty put together. THE NUMBER ONE NON -LEAGUE CLUB IN CHESHIRE IS ABOUT TO BE RE-IGNITED – FOOTBALL LEAGUE HERE WE COME!!

Won’t admit his name cos’ he knows he’s talking crap!<br><br>Number one club in cheshire- What Crewe got to do with it?

Hate getting dragged in to this pointless threads but just had to put Greenun right on on one small point, when Witton were in the conference and we finished higher than Nv we also had a higher average attendance than them, for the 3 seasons we spent in the conference the average between the two clubs was very similar what tipped the balance was which club had the home game in the local derby at christmas, these aren’t figures that I’ve made up they are facts, its a shame a little homework isn’t done before inacurate statements are made, incidentally two other attendance records that the two club’s hold are both from the FA Trophy final one of us hold the record for the highest attendance and one of us for the lowest I will let you work out which is which.

Pathetic lad, Colchester Utd were the reson for the big attendance at wembley. I also think that the last years FAT final was watched by the lowest ever final crowd. As for witton in the conference, one season they finished above VICS - the first one of the 3 that you stayed, as for the average gates only once did you better Vics In them 3 years and therfore once in the last 35 yrs + – nuff said.

So you are admitting that the first statement you made was completely wrong then Greenun?

Interesting to read the posting by Peter Mellor. I can assure him that I for one would not be working my nuts off if an organisation I was connected with lacked ambition.<br><br>Perhaps it should be remembered that since we came of our CVA, put there through ambitions far greater than the ability to deliver, I hasten to add, we have continued to recover, continued to pay off inherited debts and are running the club as a business.<br><br>Our ambition was clearly stated this season when we believed we had set a budget to challenge for promotion to the next level. We are still more than capable of making the play offs and more than capable of progressing through the play-offs to Conference North.<br><br>Should we be successful then the Directors will manage the business accordingly.<br><br>So if the time arose when I and others were wasting our energy then it will be the time to hand over to others

[quote]Witton have to plan higher for the future!!![/quote]<br>So what proof do you have that Witton are not "planning higher for the future"? Let’s have an example. What do you think they should do that they are not currently doing? Go into receivership and wait for a rich businessman to take over? Employ your good self as goalkeeping coach?<br>

A half way league position is hardly progression, that’s if Witton keep up their cuurent form. Very possibly a botom half finish - what then?!! Less money in the budget next season,stronger teams possibly relegted, Stalybridge etc the future could very quickly turn grim!!

Stronger???<br><br>I presume you haven’t seen these teams play. From seeing Ashton twice I believe we are just as good as them and Vauxhall Motors from seeing them. These two teams are better placed in the league meaning they are better than Stalybridge.<br><br> But obv Unibonder we lose 2 of the best teams from this league.

Well well, heres Jezza, the ar$e who slagged off witton not long ago, now looking for "friends" to console his sad life.<br>Having been shot down in flames on virtually every web site going he’s on a new "please like me" mission.<br>Be warned, as soon as your backs turned a knife will be in it!!!

Likewise, the failure to attract good players is down to Witton’s image. ?Wittons poor performances this season haven’t helped to lift supporters gloom.

I watch both Witton and occasional Vics games at Wincham Park, and regret to say that the Conference games are more enjoyable and of a much higher standard.
[/quote]<br>Well of course they are! It’s a better league with better teams in it.<br><br>[quote]
Ok, I know that there is much more atmosphere at Vics games, due to the bigger crowds, ?but they are supposed to be struggling at the foot of the table.
Each time that I have watched Vics, I have left having seen a really good football match.
However, too many of Wittons games have been dire with no atmosphere due to the sparse crowd…Prescot Cables game was awful.

Witton will only attract more fans by playing attractive, winning football.
Perhaps more investment in the team would be a start.
[/quote]<br>So you’re saying that you’d prefer a better team, which gets better results, bringing in better crowds, which gives more atmosphere, which makes the team play better, gives us more money to buy even better players, which makes us win even more matches, and causes even greater crowds and an even better atmosphere, which …<br><br>Your answer in a nutshell is: Spend more money on the team. Well, it’s an opinion, and, like motherhood, it’s difficult to gainsay it. If we had a million to spare, I’m sure we would. But it can’t be that easy or else it would have been done by now. Given a budget, everyone would have their own idea as to how much money should be spent on the team, and everyone’s figure would be different.<br><br>[quote]
With regard to the comment of "going into receivership and wait for a rich businessman to take over."
It wasn’t too long ago that Witton went into administration. ? A rich businessman??.. Doesn’t seem to be doing Vics any harm.[/quote]<br>But it was forced on them. At the moment Witton are not forced to go into administration. If they do, I should think that an enormous amount of time and effort will be spent looking for a rich businessman. Will that make us ambitious?<br><br>Witton’s two main ambitions are to keep afloat as a business (even to make money, which is the aim of every business) and to get promotion to the Conference North. And that is the ambition of every club in the Unibond Premier League. If and when we achieve promotion, our ambition is to stay in the Conference North and improve ourselves to ultimately gain promotion to the Conference. And then after that our ambition would change again. None of these may ever happen, or it might take several years. Who knows?<br>

Investing in the team, the board did that/are still doing that, its down to the management then not the fans/board. That is not a dig just the way it works, you can give a man all the money in the world but if he mispends it…Ranson I’m sure is a good example. <br>I feel JD disappointed us with the team/players this season now its GF turn to try and bring success.<br><br>As for ambition - what is ambition?<br><br>An eager or strong desire to achieve something<br>or <br>a strong drive for success <br><br>Just 2 definitions I found, I think its fair to say witton DO want to achieve things and have a desire for success. (think that is the problem sometimes - we all expect too much)<br><br>Finally we all have a moan at times, but, assuming this was a direct quote, GF had it spot on in the paper, people will talk about the conference days and rightly so, but we aren’t there now, he’s not got those kind of players to work with, nor can we afford them at the moment!