October Player of the month

October voting for the following:

Greg Smith
Brian Pritchard
Lee Thompson

Si/Mike - can you set up a poll on the main site please - but to run for just 1 week and then close.


sorry Jeff - no its my way with words again!

should not even be a player of the month for oct. But if u have to, 1st place, greg smith. 2nd lee thompson, 3rd pritch.

Greg Smith

Player of the month??
Sire, You truely jest!!!

Greg Smith, without a doubt

Are we not bothering with October player of the month? It’s still showing September on the home screen?!

Only just seen this thread - poll now set up. Also, see thread on website updates!

Neil, if you pm me with the options in future I am more likely to see them than if they are on here so will get the poll up quicker. If you want access to set up the poll yourself (dead easy) just pm me.

Hope to actually get to a game soon!