On the move again...

One Danny Byrne - released by Droylsden - off to Marine (fast becoming the ex-Witton Albion FC).<br><br>GE<br>

According tho the nonleague website, Gary Pinch has signed for League of Wales side Connahs Quay Nomads.

That was in the Chron this week, also that we have made a move for Their full back

Why get rid of 1 fullback/centerhalf…for another… :-/ thought Pinch did allright…never got a run in the team to prove himself…anyway was,nt he injured or been in hospital??? or did we just get shut of him…

Think he had an appendix operation, however dont think he wanted to be on the bench ? and imo he wasnt good enough to be in 1st 11. maybe Jim thought that as well I dont know.

?c.j …your right .he did have an appendix operation…i heard he came back playing/training after 2weeks off…there,s no way anybody should be playing/training after that sort of opp…6 to 8 weeks is the going time for that operation to heel…i was told his attitude…in training and around the club…and wanting to do well for the club was spot on…I heard that he was,nt wanted at the club because off who took him there…but c.j he was good enough to come and play for us when we needed some1 to help us out, to …play and beat… in the final against the CRAP across the park…in the final…and thats MO.May be he was,nt good enough but i agree with geast he was,nt given a desent chance…

How can you give him a chance when the players on the field are playing so well? some players aren’t prepared to stay and fight for their place. If the management feel that he isn’t good enough so be it I don’t think Jim Vince has made too many bad decisions so far and he’s playing a fair few players ‘that someone else took there’

Played the first 6 games off the season though, wonder how many games constitutes a decent run?

Pritch…you saying he had his chance but was,nt good enough…so were, best he moved on?..

…back to the other side of the canal after his month-long loan - Chris Gaghan. <br>Two goals - two cracking misses (!) and a superb tackle on the Frickley right winger at home.<br>

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No i am not saying that geast. I am pointing out in my eyes he did have a run in the team and enough of an opportunity to stake his claim. <br><br>

Ex Witton defender Gary Pinch scored twice for Connahs Quay Nomads on Friday night in their 3 - 0 win over Airbus UK.

There is a pic of him scoring his second on the results page in the non league paper

Strange ONE…an ex Witton player go,s to Connahs quay, scores 2 goals…and we sign there ?full back ?Liam BrownHill ?:-/ …

Geast, it might look strange but im sure jim has good reasons for his move, and he is open to talk to anyone interested about his decisions, ideas and future plans and Witton in general, so much that hes organised an open discussion forum with him for this thursday at 8.00pm in the social club, why not pop along meet him and discuss your ideas and concerns with him, I guarantee you will feel better after it ?

c.j Thanks 4 REMINDING ME… …but sadly work commitments stand in my way… :frowning: i guess some of your ideas and concerns, you put to Jim, will be of intrest…maybe you could ask that ouestion 4 me…cheers.